Wednesday, January 30, 2013

She turns off my computer, constantly

Trying to get work done at home is a challenge to say the least.  The kids are always interrupting  they are making messes in one room only to break something in the next while you are cleaning up the fist mess.  Anytime I sit to try to read or write it is the signal for them to come ask me for something or to take them to the potty.  It can takes hours to write a paragraph.  I wish they understood if they gave me 15 minutes then I could get so much done and have time for them too.  But when the interrupt me every minute of those 15 it takes all day to do three things and frustrates mom very much.

The kids are always gravitating to the big computer so I am stuck using my stupid falling laptop.  It makes a funny sound and the "c" no longer works.  I have to go back and force the c in every word, just more added time.  And I don't have the office suite on here so as I should be making a power point right now I will have to wait till they are eating dinner.

But there is one good point to the laptop.  It lets me be with Faith. She is in a stage where she does not want to be in the room watching her dad play video games or brother play computer, I can't blame her.  And she does not want to be left alone in the other room by herself, she wants her mommy to cuddle with her and read to her.  She loves pointing at pictures and saying what they are.

However Faith can be dangerous.  Everyday she pushes the glowing power button on my laptop.  No matter where I am in my work.  I try to save frequently but to many times I have lost it all.

 photo IMG_8772_zpsd455dbf6.jpg

Nope never a doubt who did it.

 photo IMG_8768_zpsec36c5b0.jpg

Candy covered princess.


Angie said...

She is so cute! That is the sweetest picture of her ever. Kids must just gravitate to computers because my 2 year old is constantly turning mine off. Luckily I just use mine for pleasure purposes so it isn't a big deal!

michelle said...

Seriously, I have no idea how you do it, and you make it look EASY!!
Faith is freakin' adorable. :)

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