Friday, June 21, 2013

Gregory's skating party

Over a month ago we celebrated Gregory's 10th birthday.  He is a firecracker baby and although that sounds cool and for the first few years it was when you get older and want to have friends over for a party it sucks having your birthday on America's.  No one could ever come they were out of town or spending the time with their family.  We could never have a party for him that was not family.  Finding cakes however no problem.  Before it would get close to his birthday we would poll friends who would be able to come and nothing every worked out.  This year he is turning the double digits.  He really wants just two things a big party and a new ipod.

In order to give him the big party we held it the beginning of May.  He was super excited!  He counted down for the longest time.  It was a skating party.  The boy  loves to skate.

 photo IMG_0864_zpscf6661f0.jpg

I did not actually get many pictures of him because you could never catch him.  But here he is in the purple with his best friend.

 photo IMG_0863_zpsb955a3b5.jpg

I got lots of pictures of this little guy.  He is so cute and more my speed.  My 2 year old nephew Jacob and my mom.

 photo IMG_0861_zps57cfae31.jpg

Evan had a good time racing around and especially doing the limbo.  They do that at all skating rinks out here, do they do it everywhere?

 photo IMG_0858_zpsa7abe9f4.jpg

And Smiley I think just showed up for the cake.

These two girls, should I be worried?

 photo IMG_0877_zpsa593dcb6.jpg

Motorcycling with Pepa.

 photo IMG_0857_zpsa298f1e2.jpg

He loved it and everyone had a great time, except my brother who fell and split his chin.  He spent the party in the ER getting it glued back together.  I felt horrible.

 photo IMG_0857_zpsa298f1e2.jpg

But happy birthday party to our double digit 10 year old.  You are a wonderful boy who deserved a wonderful party.

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Angie said...

Looks like he had a great turnout!
I know what you mean about parties around holiday's. My Anika's birthday is 4 days before Christmas and everyone is always busy with Church Plays, Shopping, Out of town or something!

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