Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The last day of school

Yes it was a bit ago still in this month though.  But since ever blogger I see post first day of school pictures, which I am guilty of too....

IMG_5995 photo IMG_5995.jpg

August 2012

and then post last day of school pictures. Which I have never done so directly but the last week of school is nothing but picnics, pool parties and feild days which I always post pictures of and will do soon again.  But here, they are now 3rd and 4th year students.

 photo IMG_1460_zps651d528d.jpg

People post them for comparison but I don't think they have actually changed all that much.

However for 2011-2012 I can see them growing up.

 photo IMG_1661.jpg

And from 2010-2011 should I cry?

 photo 2010school_zpse29f57a9.jpg

And of course they had to go to school gangnam style.

 photo IMG_1465_zpsee7672f1.jpg

Love them HATE that song.

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