Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

It was super fun.  The kids and I and my parents went to have some fun at a park near my home.  It was not hot dogs and hamburger type of fun thankfully.  The kids and I will have our hamburgers tonight at a benefit night at where else of a better place but Fuddruckers!  We are looking forward to it.

 photo P05-28-13_1758_zps62657497.jpg

Dinner!  (I had started this post a few days ago)

  Fuddruckers was great and best of all the kids behaved beautifuly!!  Second best, we hopefully raised a lot of money for the school.  I have not got the totals in but we saw many friends there.

Back to Memorial Day.  At the park was so many activities!  The older two got to try canoeing.

 photo IMG_1273_zps34faa70d.jpg

They paddled around in the stream splashing each other and having a great time.

 photo IMG_1272_zpsa20315ab.jpg

 photo IMG_1271_zps56d5fd77.jpg

It is not the first time they have been in a canoe but it was the first time without dad or me, well just dad.  I don't think I have ever took them in a boat.  I stand on the sidelines and take pictures.

 photo IMG_1269_zps18182f9d.jpg


 photo IMG_1278_zps7d7603ff.jpg

Oh how she wanted to play in the water with the big brothers.

 photo IMG_1258_zps2029f2ff.jpg

And Grace, content to be held and played with on her memas lap.

 photo IMG_1248_zps11583c37.jpg

We saw there the biggest bullfrog I have ever seen!  It might be the only one  have ever seen because I have never seen a frog so large.

Neither has my princess.

 photo IMG_1299_zps9b5af581.jpg

This frog was probably the size of my 2 year old's torso.

They told her she could touch it.

 photo IMG_1296_zpsce117c29.jpg

 photo IMG_1127_zps548b2fb1.jpg

She thought twice about it.  She was a little unsure.

 photo IMG_1298_zps14e820c9.jpg

But at the end of the day what kid can resist?

 photo IMG_1300_zpscf75b0c3.jpg

YaY!  Little Princess Faith!
She touched it.  I would not.  Maybe kiss it?!!?   :) But I do not want to touch it.

The boys also continually over and over raced each other to the top of a rock wall.

 photo IMG_1241_zpsf03444fd.jpg

Then would jump down

 photo IMG_1245_zps446febfb.jpg

And do it all again

 photo IMG_1240_zpse01425f2.jpg

 photo IMG_1230_zps8212cc30.jpg

 photo IMG_1198_zps57a799d6.jpg

And of course again the princess stood in awe.  Wanting to do whatever  the big brothers are doing and  I have no doubt she could.

 photo IMG_1194_zpsaf22c53a.jpg

Ah good day.  I tried to get a picture together  of the kids and me since none could be took at the school play, it did not turn out well.

 photo IMG_1303-1_zps22fd3add.jpg

But the one of the kids and my parents much better.

 photo IMG_1309-1_zpsf62c8e1e.jpg

I will post the best part of the day later!

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Angie said...

What a great day! I have always wanted to canoe. You think as much as we are outdoors we would have already done it but we just haven't had the opportunity yet. It's on my bucket list though :)

That rock wall is awesome. Is all that stuff in a local park?

I think your family photos turned out nicely. It's hard to get everyone to cooperate!

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