Sunday, July 7, 2013

Family pics on the Forth

Last year the 5.9 of us took some pictures on the 4th of July.  And in other years other amounts of people combinations.



2010!! Boy does Smiley remind me of Gracie


But it is something I like would like to keep going, portraits on the 4th.

After the morning parade, some food truck lunch, and playing games at the jubilee we were dripping hot.  I would be happy to say I sweated off a few pounds due to the heat and our few mile hike but after that lunch I think I might be +1.  Oh well.  It was so hot the kids started crying when they climbed into the bouncy houses. Ouch, ouch ouch it what I kept hearing and Faith just refused.  They were hot and cranky, and hungry again.  We went home to take some showers and cool off.

Afterwards we got ready for our backyard pictures.

 photo IMG_2232_zps193a7971.jpg

This was the best I could get with the heat and squirmy kids.  Maybe I will do a post of the outtakes or just keep them and laugh.

And then we have my five firecrackers.

 photo IMG_2258_zpse34f89e5.jpg
Gregory 10

 photo IMG_2264_zps2f7e62c2.jpg
Evan 8

 photo IMG_2257_zpsb68611b1.jpg
Smiley 4

 photo IMG_2279_zpsa5c7fc61.jpg
Faith 2

 photo IMG_2293_zpsdc53b22e.jpg
Gracie 11 months and 2 weeks.  Her first 4th!

I love dressing my little girls.

 photo IMG_2321_zps69b9dbb2.jpg

They are so dainty and pretty and their clothes, their over abundance of beautiful clothes are so sweet.  I wish some of their most special outfits they could wear more than once.  I really loved their 4th of July outfits here (because we all had 3! outfit changes that day)  I was speaking with another friend of mine and she said who cares they can wear the outfit more than once.  I was convinced by the end too but I kept think when can you wear a 4th of July outfit more than once?  Memorial Day maybe? But I saw no problem with letting them all wear their outfits this Sunday to church.  I washed them put them aside and got up early today to showered everyone.  Only to find was Cancelled this morning! Yes.  A water pipe broke overnight and they had a mess on their hands.  What a way to start a busy Sunday.  That means notify the 800 some regular attendees every Sunday morning and a urgency to clean up and dry because tonight Phil Keaggy is there for a concert.  Oh well, so they did not get to wear their outfits again.  At least not today.  I might just have to find another time and place for the kids to look patriotic.  I have a few ideas.

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Labor day, flag day, Presidents day, or tuesday or any other day of the week

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