Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Wakeness Monster

We made it to the theater again.  For the last few years the children and I have gone to see a play towards the beginning of summer together at the totem pole play house.

IMG_4815 photo IMG_4815.jpg
Pirates in Space 2012

 photo IMG_0868.jpg
Pirates and Zombies 2011

It is a time we all look forward to and enjoy.  The children kept asking mom when are we going to go see the pirate plays?  For the last two year they have done the best pirate plays.  Perfect for the boys.  And some might think I am crazy for taking small and newborn children to live theater but these plays keep their attention and the children have learned how to behave there and appreciate it.  I love going with them it has become and is something so special.

Last year we left trying to figure out where the pirates would be this time and we still have to keep guessing because they were not there.  Instead we meet a monster.  We knew ahead of time it was going to be different this year but everyone still wanted to go.

 photo IMG_2148_zpsd9203a70.jpg

This years play was called the Wakeness Monster.  No pirates.  But a school girl, dog and playful monster.  The kids loved it too.  Especially Faithy.  She was elated and kept singing and weeks later has not stopped singing the songs.  (Absolutely her brothers sister!)

Borrowed picture from their facebook

It was such a cute play, the boys like it but they like the pirates better.  Again ALL 5 kids did awesome!!  They are the best.  But now we have no guesses for next summers play?  Maybe the pirates will meet the Wakeness Monster?

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Angie said...

What a fun tradition! I think you should submit that idea "The Pirates meet the Monster"!

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