Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Poor forgotten blog

This summer on our "break" we have been busier than ever.  We have been traveling, having lots of birthdays, many days of doctors visits, camps, cleaning, fighting fleas! and so much more.  It has been fun but sometimes the challenge of being so busy are shackles to our spirit.  Our family has always been a busily scheduled family.  Many days we would run from soccer to swimming both after school and before bedtime.  We kept a pace of everyday an activity many holding two or more for a while, before I had all 5.

Last year I slowed it down quite a bit.  We dropped all sports besides soccer.  We kept AWANAS but I stopped volunteering to release us from its obligation to be there to going when we can with out stress.  That turned out to be a good thing.  Unfortunately last winter hit our family hard with someone sick after another.  Worst we ever had.  I think we only made it to AWANAS or church seldomly during those months.  I slowed everything down because now with 5 kids, including 2 toddlers and a tiny baby I realized how things were getting harder. It is not the amount of children but the young ages of them that is tough.  Many challenges are just shuffling them from the car to a building.  I wanted a little time to get used to it.  In addition since I have gone back to school that cuts into the time I have available to take them places, and my studying took up so much time.

I enjoyed a  bit slower pace with less traveling.  I filled up the time with so much school work truthful it was hard to imagine how to fit in anything else and I was so thankful for days home I did not have to go anywhere.  However the kids did not feel the same way.  They asked all through the year if they could do swimming again.  When is basketball, when is baseball, I want to try football, mom sign me up for lacrosse.

With summer we were all going to be home.  I had plans and ideas of what summer would be like.  But those rarely pan out.  Months before school got out our calender started to fill up with many wonderful opportunities, events so many great things I am thankful for them all.   And we had many other wonderful families reaching out to ask asking if we could send the older boys to camp with their children I was excited to have to boys get to participate with their friends too and that the families thought so much of the us and the boys they wanted them to be part of their childrens' summers also.  But before we knew it every week was filled up but 1 and a half,  yes we have just 1 week in August that we have nothing penciled in.  There is so much that HAS to be done but I want to try not to do it that week.

It is right before school starts back up for me and the kids.  It hopefully will be a nice way to spontaneously do what we like before school starts.  Hopefully a nice week to unwind, hopefully. I have to say I am kinda looking forward to school starting though, this summer has worn me out.

I have also had some serious issues with my photo hosting sites.  Which is another reason I have not been blogging to much but I am slowly working through them and the hundreds of pictures I would like to share and add stories too.

But till then here is the tiny team before church on Sunday.

 photo IMG_3172_zpsd7d7e6ed.jpg

It was cool enough I put the girls in litter covers but by afternoon it was far to warm to wear them .  A cool front came in on Sunday and we have been enjoying a break from those 100 degree temps.  It is a prayer answered too because the older boys are at soccer camp this week.  Running around all day with no shade no relief so I am beyond thankful I had to sent them in hoodies this morning.

 photo IMG_3164_zpsf7120e09.jpg

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Angie said...

I totally understand what you mean by being too busy! Since we returned from vacation yesterday, I've been thinking of ways to try and make things run more smoothly around here. As of now, I'm not being successful. It just seems there isn't enough hours in the day!

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