Thursday, July 4, 2013

The morning parade

Everything in our house has an eve, last night was no exception it was 4th of July eve.  Which meant I had to have our outfits ready, water in the freezer, bags packed, little preparations took care of because we had to all be in line for the parade at 9:30 AM.  And to move, dress and feed all 5 kids plus myself takes time.  A secret I have learned is start the day before.  Yes it is not really a secret and yes it is that simple.  If I have outfits ready and shoes found and together, plus my purse and diaper bag packed and by the door, we have got a good shot at going  and making it on time.

I set my alarm clock to wake me up on time and guess what we had a power outage last night!  No alarm ever went off except for the internal one from me and the tiny team.  We still were up by 7.  We had breakfast, got dressed and made it there by 9:15!  Whahoo!!

Except I got the time wrong and we did not have to be there till 10:15!  Ooops!!!!

It was hot too.  The kids and I dressed as cowboys to promote our churches vacation Bible school theme.  They looked so cute!  In all that spare time I should have got a picture of me and all the kids cowboyed up but they were so excitied they were everywhere.  I might try to some other  time.  Because the pictures I did get you can not tell the true cuteness of our western wear.

The parade went well once it finally stared.  I pushed the cowgirls for miles.

 photo IMG_2166_zpsaa93fbb4.jpg

I should have decorated the stroller like a wagon but that was more time and energy than I had this week.  It has been busy.

The cowboys rode on the float.... Mostly

 photo IMG_2168_zpsaf35aa99.jpg


 photo IMG_2177_zps243d2f4f.jpg

Gregory and Brendan.

I say mostly because when Smiley went to through candy out, at one point he through his whole body weight  throwing himself off the float through the side banner on to his forehead right on the street!  I was on the other side pushing the girls and waving, I did not even notice.  I am thankful I did not see it.  He was fine it happened so fast and surprised him he was not to worse for ware except that goose egg smack dap in the front of hi fore head.  Ugh.

The older girls around him quickly grabbed him and loved him.  He was okay.  I am so glad they were there to help.  They help ice to his head the rest of the parade and he went on still throwing candy, eating some too.

After the parade we went to a magic show and the jubilee where it was even hotter.  So hot the kids did not want to play on the bouncy houses.  They climbed in the first one and started screaming hot hot hot.  Poor babies.  It kinda went down hill from there.  They were hot, tired and hungry, so much that they started eating baby feet.

 photo DSCF0056_zps785607ce.jpg

Time to take my sun burnt babies home for a little air conditioning and sprinkler time.  After all there is still a lot more to do today.

Happy 4th of July everyone.

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