Monday, August 5, 2013

A bountiful blessing on a boring weekend

Before I give you another week back in our life  We still had this weekend to wade through. It was not that busy or impressive, we did not do to much, and Saturday the weather was not that good.

Saturday I was expecting friends over to go to an event here in my little town and that did not happen I called them at 8 to say don't not come.  Don't come near my crazy busy town today.  It was horrible the event had drawn out over 5k people to my town of slightly over 1k.  I drove by the fair grounds in the morning and waited in traffic to get near them.  Once I got in I saw a line that contained this crowd of 5k serpentined over a mile long, no joke really.  To top it off every news station in the tri state area was here to report on the crowds.  Mayhem could only describe it.  I would not let my kids out of the house during these hours.  To many cars flooded the streets going much faster than they should have paying no attention to anyone.  It was sad them begging me to let them ride to the park, but me saying no  for  nothing they did wrong but because the oblivious to them that other are not seeing.

 photo car_zpsa7d4b562.jpg

When we got home from our waiting in traffic drive by I went to facebook to talk with a friend who was stuck in the ranks volunteering there and I saw a picture from the local newspaper of us driving through the crowed fairground saying "absolutely not, we are not going to those lines"!  I showed the kids they laughed paused and slowly said in a rising voice we....Are...FAMOUS!!!  They crack me up.

To get an idea here is the width of the line that went for a mile!  Black Friday looked like a beginners game compared to this!!

 photo car1_zpsfe747318.jpg

CRAZY huh?!!

Do you know what is even crazier?  We went back.  Later in the day I heard the music playing ( I don't live far at all from there) and thought okay lets give it another try maybe the crowds will be down.  This was 6 hours later.   It was still busy but not like before.  There were lines but we went got lunch and listed to some good music till we got rained on.

Sunday we started the day off at church.

Grace wore a new dress from Mema.

 photo IMG_3308_zpsf6bb73d7.jpg

It turned out so pretty.

 photo 20130804_092001_zps61c9fd05.jpg

Traveling with this crew is crazy.

 photo IMG_3317_zps58f11716.jpg

never easy, never fun, my daughter in the pink gets terribly car sick, my Smiley back left constantly asks are we there yet ALL the time, and Gracie cries unless I sit with her and play with her.

So you could imagine the good times we had when their dad decided to go out to eat after church and we drove to the first BBQ place in PA which said they weren't having BBQ today only turkey or crab.  He had his heart set on pit beef BBQ so he said no and we all had to pile back in the car and drove down to MD 35 min away, to the next closest BBQ place only to find out they were closed for a private party.  We were all so very hungry.  The next closest BBQ place was on the MD/PA border a good 45 minutes away.  Thankfully we skipped that one and ended up a are go to Mexican restaurant.  They food was good and they don't mind when we undress our girls to eat.  HAHA.  They will probably tease them about it when they get older.

With enough carzieness already in the day I forfeited grocery shopping for staying home.  Plus we had lots to do at home.  The boys and I spent hours on Sunday snapping green beans while  watching Duck Dynasty.  It made it a bit more bearable.

 photo P08-04-13_1933_zps9eb6f992.jpg

So did their green bean smiles :)

 photo P08-04-13_19331_zpsce2b254d.jpg

There was so much to do.  We had almost 10 pounds after they were cleaned and snapped.

 photo IMG_3330_zpsfd9e4151.jpg

Thanks to some local farmers we were gave these beans, bags of corn and potatoes.  I am guessing 45 pounds of produce!  YAY!!

I am going to blanch most of the green beans and freezing them in usable sizes for me and my mom for soups, stews and dishes through fall and winter.  I have done it once before but am no pro so during commercials the boys and I would run to the computer to watch youtube on how to do it.  I am so thankful for youtube.  I wanted to make some dishes now but could not because I chose not to go grocery shopping.  However, I plan on making a couple of make ahead green bean casseroles too.  You make them you freeze them and they last up to two months.  Great for me to feed my family and for her to bring as a dish to some of the many meetings she goes too.  Those dishes will easily use up all the green beans but now what to do with 30 pounds of potatoes?

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Angie said...

Oh wow, that was a crazy amount of people. What kind of event was it?

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