Friday, September 13, 2013

School is in Session

Oh wow I left off with the first day of school?!  Last month!!  Well then you can guess what I have been doing instead of blogging.  School has kept me busy.  Almost full time work week hours, busy.  But I am doing really well.  I am not quite getting every compound, changing, mathematical, non balancing equation chemistry is throwing at me but I have been getting  help and I will make it.  I even got the shower curtain to help HAHA!  And it can't hurt my little chemist crew to know also.

 photo showercurtain_zpsde6fa71f.jpg

And actually we are memorizing them.

Otherwise it is soccer that keeps us busy.  Soccer is actually a break in the day and week.  It is nice to be outside.

 photo IMG_3665_zpsb36084e8.jpg

They are on different teams this year.

Gregory is on a U16 team which means it is for people under 16 years old (in this association) down to 10.  Yes talk about an age gap.  The big kids are incredible bigger and taller than Gregory.  He is the youngest and smallest at 10.  But he holds his own.

 photo IMG_3701_zpsda95bcc4.jpg

Great job by my 4th grader playing with sophomores in high school!

Evan is also doing a great job.  He is playing on the U10 team.  His teammates are only 8 and 9, this league is better suited to Evan.

 photo IMG_3670_zps52dc9cf9.jpg

Some how fortune intervined on my busy life and had mercy on me.  All, every single one of the boys games match up same place same time.  Different parts of the complex, even there by week is the same.  Does that every happen to anyone?  Yes we never see a game in whole.  Last week I spent the first half watching Evan, second watching Gregory.  We moved around a lot but that was fine because it is hard to keep the tiny team still.

 photo IMG_3677_zpsd01f5396.jpg

Well that and juice boxes, ice pops, nachos, french fries and and egg sandwich.  It was not going to smooth I had to pull out all the stops.  I had woke them up dressed them and through them in the car all by 8 so for them to go from sleeping to a brisk morning where I could not let them just run and play took a bit of... give and take.

 photo IMG_3675_zps1ae5c424.jpg

The teams this year are not their school teams.  This was kinda a big decision.  I feel they should play for their school and support them but their school does not have a team for Gregory's age so I had to move him anyways, which meant Evan had to be moved also.  But it was a good decision.  The school team was more of fun and friendship but at their new club they are learning so much more, it is more structured and is pushing them, certainly Gregory.  And they do have lots of friends on this teams from the community, church and YMCA, which they do not see as often as their school friends.  So far I have been very happy.

 photo IMG_3736_zpsa2c0bb5f.jpg

And Evan was happy win or loose his coach bought the whole team ice pops at the end of the game.

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