Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sweet as Sugar

Sticky sticky royal icing sugar.  We decided  to make cookies.  Baby decided to frost her sister and everything.

 photo IMG_3753_zps789e0dcd.jpg

(Yes she took her pants off they got too sticky)

Baby thought is was so good but thought it would be better on her sister.

 photo IMG_3752_zpsb5ab3d9f.jpg

Faith loves Gracie so much she just laughed.

 photo IMG_3751_zps1dcc429f.jpg

They  are cuter when they are clean though.

Playing on their little 4 wheeler.

 photo IMG_3746_zps5fdd8e17.jpg

 photo IMG_3741_zpsfbefe4a7.jpg

She holds the walkie talkie thing of it and pretends it is a phone.  She sits there and just chats away.

 photo IMG_3740_zps2df51524.jpg

Sweet girls they are just so much fun.  What days they have.

 photo IMG_3749_zpsd4ac48d6.jpg

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