Saturday, September 28, 2013


I am a little late in joining the instagram movement.  I never joined mostly because of lack of an awesome phone.  I never even visited it.  I knew it would be something I like and would probably waist to much time on.  And who needs more addictive apps in their life?  My oldest son even kept saying mom you would love this instagram.  What me to set you up an account?  These kids know me all to well.  Still I said no.  And then chemistry happened.  Yes difficult chemistry testing every mathematical fiber in my body and I needed to release my tension or scream.  So one day in frustration over stoichiometry I put down the problems and pick up my phone and welcomed the word of instgram in to my life.

It has been fun.  And with as many pictures as I take still I am not over loading the instagramers with these photos.  I have resigned to posting 1 photo each day.  And it has been easy and fun.  They are not the cutesy pictures of my kids that I overload facebook with or the hundred pictures from one event that I over load my blog with but one shot a day into my life that is special to me.  I do really like it!  I like that it is 1 simple picture not posed, not always of kids, just some memory from that day.  I am hope to take these photos from everyday and make an album.

A sneak peak....

But if you would also like to take a peak into my word you are welcome!  Just click the little camera button and the follow.  And sorry for the huge pictures I can't figure out how to resize them on blogger yet, like I said I am new to instagram.



RevAllyson said...

If you click on the photograph, there should be options underneath, the left most ones being "small" and "medium" and "large" then "original size". People can still click on the picture for a larger version, but what shows up is the size you tell it to put. It also lets you center, or right and left justify. :)

Thanks for posting... I just started following you a few days ago. Your kids are adorable!

RevAllyson said...

Eep forgot to follow comments. ;)

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