Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back to school

Yes it is that time of year.  For the most part we are all happy about it.  I started back at college too.  Moving through it but ever so slowly.  And  boy is it ever tough.  I am faced with much higher math than I took 20 years ago.  And I did not do good at it then so wow what a struggle it is now.

I used to be in this camp...

 photo algebra_zpsc1c63881.jpg

I rather enjoyed it there.  I hate math.  And now daily I am suffering through dimensional analysis and it gets worse.  My only reassuring thought is I felt Spanish was SO hard last year too and  I made it through it with A's each time.  Hopefully this to will become more of a second language.  After all there are enough letters in it.

 photo math_zps3dd22b1c.jpg

And different SI units in the same problem. Just pure Evil I tell you!

 photo IMG_3549_zps5938bc46.jpg

Here is my first day of school picture.  Looks the same as last years right?  I hope that continues.  Then no one will know I will be over the hill when I get out of chemistry and physics graduate college.  It will be so very much worth it.

The boys headed back to school too.

 photo IMG_3559_zps5e944f21.jpg

last year I did not think they had grown to much between their first day of school pictures and their last day of school pictures but looking at this I think they grew older over the summer they don't look little.  They look older than their end of year pictures and much older than the beginning, wow.  Soon they will be in college with me.  Good!  They can help me with my math and I will help them with their Spanish.  We will be study buddies.

 photo IMG_3556_zpsd08b9b21.jpg

Hooray for an awesome new school year!  They were so excited to go back.  I love how I did not have to "pose" them.  I simply said stand next to each other so I can get your picture (And this was at 6:45 in the morning because I had to leave before they do, what troopers) and they grabbed each other hand in excitement and love.  Or possibly because they were tired and needed to hold each other up?  No, nope it has to be the excitement and love.  But it came out so cute to this momma, I love their pictures.

 photo IMG_3551_zps52ee0596.jpg

Gregory      10 years old
This year he is a 4th year which means he is now in upper el!  He is loving that.  He is back to being the youngest grade in his class.  Upper El is 4,5,6.  In his school there are only 22 kids in upper el.  They are divided into 2 classes.  His best friend is in the other class but he is loving being with the bigger kids in his class.  He finally gets to bring a bag pack to school.  They have such cool trips planned this year and some neat lessons it is going to be a good year for him.

 photo IMG_3563_zpsbcd54004.jpg

Evan         8 years old
This year he is a 3rd year and at the top of lower el.  He loves being in the oldest grade.  And thinks it is cool he has an inside on what the older so therefore cooler kids are doing.  And its YU-GI-OH not very cool in my opinion but boys love anime.  He is still in the same class he has been in for the past 2 years.  They block 1,2,3 together in lower el.  But with the same class come the return of great teachers and friends.  He is so happy to be back too.

 photo photo10_zps68a9b43c.jpg

A quick selfie with mom because no one else was awake to it.

The tiny team was left at home against their wishes  They want to go to school so bad.  They miss their brothers when they leave until they come home.  So they wait.

 photo photo16_zpsa896380b.jpg

For that blue van that brings them back their brother and added happiness.

 photo photo13_zps8213b8c1.jpg

Faithy waving hi as Gregory steps off.

 photo photo14_zpsd9728900.jpg

And Evan comes racing home.

 photo photo15_zps9cc1d54d.jpg

Good to have them all back and what a relief it is to be falling back into our familiar routine.  Summer was nice but school is too.  And just because it is the end of summer does not mean it is the end of fun.  We just came back from another cool trip yesterday I hope to get posted before Christmas :)

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Da said...

Wow boys back to school and you too!..amazing!

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