Sunday, October 27, 2013

Getting out of a fire

What would your kids do in the event of a fire?  Mine, who knows?  I would hope they would get out and run away.  What they really would do might be different, so it never hurts to practice what the should do.  And pray we never face this situation.

 photo IMG_4362_zps4f1476fd.jpg

The kids went in a camper that they had converted a bit to smoke and mimic fires.

 photo 14bcf10f-848b-4803-83c6-66277977ee9d_zps0a51126a.jpg

Gracie did not quite know what to think so she just threw up and ran out.  I did not expect that reaction.  But the rest thought it was funny.  The fireman was trying to tell them to cal 911.  And teach them how to talk to the fireman  on the other end.  But why he is having them call from in the house I don't know.

 photo IMG_4367_zps054723ea.jpg

Smiley though just grabbed them phone and kept yelling you stink I hate you.  He was trying to be funny but he wasn't and missed the point of the practice.  Gregory finally got the crawl at the bottom to get out.

 photo IMG_4364_zpsad85500c.jpg

I guess any practice and exposure is better than none.  And they had a good time

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