Sunday, October 20, 2013

up and away

As with all boys mine love things that fly planes, rockets and helicopters.  Sadly they have never been on any.  They want to fly bad especially to go to Disney but flying a family of 7 is thousands and thousands  of much more money than we have.  The other day they had the chance to "play" on the life lion helicopter.  Hopefully this will be there only time on it unless they are the doctor or pilot.  I don't know what it is called in other states, medic vac maybe, but in PA the trauma helicopter that will rush you to the hospital is called Life Lion because Penn State, Nittany Lions, Life Lion- Life Line, you get it I probably did not have to explain this.  But they though it was pretty cool.

 photo P10-19-13_11521_zps584a4b90.jpg

 photo P10-19-13_1154_zps1c88a4e6.jpg

Smiley a pilot?  Maybe he is good at video games and the panels and so many control in addition to the ipad looking screens the pilots said it is not that much different than playing video games.  I am not sure whether to be scared or encouraged?

They are sitting where the patient lays it is small and confined.  I was expecting more space like an ambulance but nope.  It is not bigger than from Gregory's bum to head.  They slide the gurney in there like a pizza in the oven.

 photo P10-19-13_1153_zps859d7e33.jpg

 photo P10-19-13_1152_zps4d715339.jpg

I really can't imagine these two as doctors or pilots.  I could imagine them flying then saying hey look at that cool tree lets see how close we can get to it and not crash.  And if they did the doctor in them would just put ice on the boboo (yes they are still young enough for it to be a boo boo, although Gregory has told me he is now on to the och-es and scrapes stage, next to come the cuts and bruises) until they got distracted and started eating the ice like a bag of popcorn.  It is weird but happens all the time here..boys.

I do hope we can fly soon and I always hope it is not on life lion.

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