Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lake Tobias

We headed back to Lake Tobias during a last hoary of a camping trip for 2013.  It was Columbus day weekend so we all had an extra day to send together.  Camping in October in PA is hit or miss.  Last week temperatures were in the high 80's.  But there are other times that it has snowed.  This week was looking nice with the exception of some rain in the forecast.  More like an early nor'easter and it brought more than some rain.  It poured 2 days non stop and caused lots of flooding especially where we were going along the Susquehanna River.  We actually had to call and cancel a day then take the rest day by day.  But the weather got better.  In fact it was beautiful.  In the 70's during the days and only down to the 50's at night.  It was not to bad and we had a big fire we kept burning.  We had lots of wood left over from summer camping trips and we did not want to store it over the winter so we burned it all.  It was nice and warm and the kids cuddled by it morning and night.

We were supper excited to go to Lake Tobias again.  It is a zoo wild life park with really good insurance I assume because they let you mix with and touch all sorts of animals that could eat you.

The have tons of big animals like longhorns, Watusi, ox, buffalo, animals you don't find around here.  But that taste good and they thought the same thing about us.

 photo IMG_4188_zps389ce48f.jpg

 photo IMG_4171_zps44aa602e.jpg


 photo IMG_4170_zps359e2f29.jpg

Apparently white buffalo are sacred, I don't think you could eat them. There were a handful of those.  I wonder if they have white meat you know like brown cows make chocolate milk.

These stupid goats tried to eat my baby.  They were chewing the pants right off her leg.  Luckily she had these two big brothers run to help her after they laughed for a second.  After I took the picture and realized my two fantastic rescuers there were not doing much of anything I ran over and kept hitting the stupid goat till he left her alone.  It along with a couple dozen more kept trying to eat everything we had we were batting them off the stroller and kids until I had enough and just left that part.  What nuisance creatures.

 photo IMG_4156_zps9d19c4c4.jpg

Obviously she fared okay.  They had two camels that were walking around.  I kept yelling hump day at my oldest two but they were not amused.  I was not amused and horrified when Smiley in a pouting fit made a straight shot to me cutting between the camels legs and under his belly.  My jaw dropped and so did the handlers.  We were all expecting the worst but it happened so fast.  Luckily the camel just stood still.  Nothing happened, whew!

 photo IMG_4160_zps7540732f.jpg

We moved on to animals behind cages after that.  However you can still pet and touch them.

 photo IMG_4129_zps1e3c27b9.jpg

I did not know zebras did not bite.  I am thankful zebras do not bite.  The ostriches with them however did.  I did not let the kids get to close to the ostriches.

 photo IMG_4135_zpsf28cce58.jpg

They had no trouble sticking their head through that fence.

 photo IMG_4151_zps0d743c2e.jpg

Oh mercy my attempt at getting a picture of all of them.  I easily took 20+  and this was the best.

 photo IMG_4149_zpsb5e71cf4.jpg

What grumps.  We had 4 temper tantrums/break downs that day one from each member of the tiny team and one from there dad.

There were a couple of animals that were kept out of reach.  They amused baby.

 photo IMG_4122_zpsa44a3c7f.jpg

 photo IMG_4123_zpsc6cbcea2.jpg

Well all of us.

 photo IMG_4114_zpsae15d52f.jpg

And as you see by what has to be super strong wire they were not kept that far away.

 photo IMG_4118_zps63e991ab.jpg

They had the lions, tigers and bears, oh my, in cages like this, and the alligators you could touch, snakes too both while being held by handles though.  Otherwise the snakes were behind glass and the alligators well I guess they are hoping people are not stupid enough to jump the low fences they were in.

It is such a cool place.  We all love it up there.  It reminds me of the we got a zoo movie.  A family run smaller animal park.  And thanks to the government shutdown Gregory's class was supposed to go to the national zoo on Friday but since it is still closed he gets two head back to Lake Tobias again on Friday.

 photo IMG_4121_zps34f260bc.jpg

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