Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some princess pictures

Faith is growing and so much fun.  She is smart really smart.  Considering she is two and a half I am amazed by her vocabulary, though, and reasoning.  She is equally as beautiful as smart.

 photo 9b697c9f-58f4-4d99-ad5b-f73570d62cee_zps72a6008e.jpg

Although we do have to get her off the binky, I hate it.

 photo 63cca6f9-2fd4-4e0d-800e-73e391884615_zpsca76469f.jpg

 photo a46853cd-93f2-4cc0-9257-d72fc0d2d000_zps6433a9fe.jpg

She loved her big bowed hairband.  She would put it on a say so pretty.

 photo IMG_3797_zps119c3959.jpg

Humm what to be for Halloween a rocketship or Thor?  How about Thor flying a rocket.

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