Monday, February 3, 2014

Our successful Superbowl party

We had our party and it was great.  The kids were so excited and ready for it, they were busting at the seems.  From 2 o'clock on and the game was not until 6:30 they were watching the clock and asking can we play the games now?!  They had spent all morning decorating.  The place really looked festive with the mix and match mostly homemade decorations we went with.  We Hung stuff from the ceilings and the boys made posters and decorated the walls.

They made a scoreboard and loved keeping track through the game.  None of us could actually believe the Seahawks were winning.

 photo IMG_5556_zpsd0c902f0.jpg

Gregory was pretty glued to the tv.  He excitedly watched the whole game!  One of the game we had was a bingo game and of course skittles to be our place holders.

 photo IMG_5538_zps5785ae38.jpg

That was a fun one and I think looking for the stuff is another thing that helped keep his interest.

His dad made it 10 minutes before he and the girls turned on Dora.

 photo IMG_5559_zpscc778e9f.jpg

The other game we had was a pin the tail on the donkey type of game.

 photo IMG_5541_zps25f073d0.jpg

We blindfolded the kids spun them and the had little footballs to stick up.  Each goal was worth a different amount of points but we never kept track.

And of course the was food, lots of food.  I never even made a few of items because there was plenty and because it was so late here no one was that hungry.

 photo IMG_5544_zpsb134ba79.jpg

I got new baking sheets a week ago and had not used them yet and yesterday was the prefect time.  They are fantastic heavy duty huge restaurant size sheets and they worked perfect and I was able to make tons of these homemade chocolate chip cookies that did not last long at all.  I also made chocolate covered strawberries and they too got gobbled up.

You can find all my recipes and games on my Superbowl pinterest page.  They were all quick, simple, easy and most importantly delish!

 photo IMG_5542_zps69ed2606.jpg

And they were a few other little touches we did to make the night special.  Seahawks cupcakes (however the blue "frozen" frosting from a can... yuck)  But I loved the wrappers.  The boys made cups for all of us like footballs and monogramed each of them too.  That made me smile such sweet boys.  Gregory even drew a special heart of Faithy's cup.  And party poopers made them happy.  My kids love party poppers.  They were just as exited for the game to end as begin, so they could pop their poppers.

It was a great fun night that we all enjoyed.  Maybe just maybe we will do this every year.  Or maybe it was just the once in a lifetime event with Seattle.

 photo IMG_5549_zps3a617f65.jpg

Yeah they painters taped Seahawks on their belly.  Too cute!  I love these little guys!

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