Monday, January 20, 2014


Smiley got underwear for Christmas from my mom.  I don't know why she relates Christmas to underwear but as kids I seem to remember her getting it for my brother and I for Christmas.   I do remember my dad usually getting it, and I certainly remember her teasing us that she would give us just underwear and socks.  But this year she gave some to Smiley, and he loved it.

 photo IMG_5178_zpsa7c58e19.jpg

It was the funniest hat a 4 year old could get.

or a two year old

 photo IMG_5169_zps07b06621.jpg

And of course if your big brother and sister are wearing underwear on their heads the your 1 year old self has to also.

 photo IMG_5177_zps0b8aa493.jpg

Oh yeah, it was an underwear party.

Faith is growing up to fast despite that she still won't let go of her binkis.  I got her a new big girl carseat for Christmas.  It was pink and had Minnie Mouse, perfect and it fit her much.

 photo IMG_5155_zpsa39744ed.jpg

But baby was jealous.  Her's is

 photo IMG_5161_zps54712932.jpg

She would much rather have her sisters new pretty pink one.  Even if that means give Faithy the boot.  Look and devious but sweet face.  She daily cracks me up with her expressions, especially her eyes.

 photo IMG_5162_zpseeb2e68d.jpg

Success!!! hahaha
And Faith ran crying.

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