Saturday, March 8, 2014

Evan turns 9

Evan turned 9 this week.  He is now in the count down to the big 10, yes already.  He had the longest birthday day.  It just kept going on and on, it was so very busy.   Here he is celebrating his circle of life with 1 brother and 2 sisters plus his whole class.  I really enjoys this every year and it is kinda sad because I don't think they have it in upper el.

 photo IMG_5780_zps641095b1.jpg

Gracie was reconnected with Sweetie Pie.  We kept Sweetie Pie over the summer and it is the SAME Sweetie Pie still!  (A hamster)  She really enjoyed the hamster this summer and was all smiles to see her again.
 photo IMG_5784_zps5c020225.jpg

Evan shared a photo time line of his life and I just love this picture of how he and his brother were sharing Evan's years growing up.  But it was a picture of Evan in a diaper,

 photo IMG_5785_zps509866f9.jpg

Me and my 9 year old birthday boy!  Oh I love him!!!

 photo IMG_5794_zpsd1a4bd6f.jpg

And I really like this picture of my parents.  They came up and took us all out to Evan's choice of a restaurant for dinner.  Delicious as always and a fun time.

 photo IMG_5795_zps09dca0f6.jpg

oh Faith.  Yes she does not learn a lesson.  She was bound to repeat the same mistakes.

 photo IMG_5798_zpsfa98acee.jpg

Yum Lemons!

 photo IMG_5797_zps8ebd83f2.jpg

OMG I don't like lemons!!

 photo IMG_5796_zpsa1ea8bc5.jpg

Well let me try again to be sure.

 photo IMG_5800_zps805f72c9.jpg

They brought out Evan fried ice cream as they sung Feliz cumpleaños to him.  He was so happy.

 photo IMG_5801_zps84639776.jpg

And then they said "we will feed you the first scope", and shoved it right on his nose!  He was less happy then.

 photo IMG_5815_zps1e59fe97.jpg

And after all was said and done we had a small celebration of presents and cake at the house.


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