Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Madness

Oh we have rolled into this time of year again, March.  Busy dreaded crazy March.

That actually sums it up quite well.  It says "Hang on Piglet, it's March " (sorry it got covered up by the stupid pin it sign but my picture limit has been reached so this was a way to get around it before I open another photo hosting account) Not because its blustery nor the awakening of spring but just hold on.

March is our birthday month.  Most everyone in our family was born in March.  We have 8 imitate family birthday in March, my nephews was at the end of February and then we have both mom's in April.  There are 11 birthdays with in 45 days, in is crazy.  And everyone hates cake by the third one.

March is not off to a good start for us either.  It is very cold and we are expecting near another foot of snow over the next two day.  And we are in another round of sick family.  I came down with a sore throat and cold and it has been spreading one girl and son have caught it too.  I sure hope this passes quick.

As you can imagine March hits us hard finically too it is like Christmas, maybe Hanukkah would be a better comparison because it just does not end.  Did you know there will be no thanksgivingkah this year, that was pretty rare but there will be Christmas evekah.  Yes Hanukkah ends on Christmas eve.  What a great way to continue it for all those double dippers.  In addition to ll the birthdays the older boys will be home for 10 days+ too.  We are looking at no school Monday, spring break, they have off St. Patrick's day (why on earth do that have that off?  All I can think of is our teachers like to party.  Every year they have off the day after the super bowl too.)  With them home so much it unbelievably adds to our grocery bills.  I send them a luch everyday to school but when they are home the become grazers and eat/snack all day.  Instead of 1 maybe 2 bowls of cereal each they will easily eat 4.  If one is eating then the rest our hungry.  It is boredom eating for the most part but when you are snowed in you do get bored more.

Before after and during March I really need to watch my finances.  I am going to try this month to make the best effort at spending as little as possible.  I will include you on my journey to see where and how money can be saved.

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