Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring cleaning- the pantry

Last week we had warm beautiful temperatures, then wind and cold warnings.  Windchill's dropping back down to nothing back to the negatives.  With the warm temps came open windows and spring cleaning, sorta.

It wasn't by choice.  Some how a bottle of apple juice spilled in the pantry.  It soaked the floor and everything on the floor.  I found it not right away but the same day.  So it had time to spill, leak and seap into stuff.  wonderful.  Cleaning the pantry was something that needed to be done but not something I had wanted to do that day.  However now I was forced to.  I started to get everything off the ground to clean up the liquid and I pulled a tower of cans the kids had stacked.  They are always stacking cans so I thought nothing of it.  But they had stacked this tower to hid that they had broke the sport beam holing up the shelf.  It had actually been broke for a while and their dad and I just "band aided" it back together so it was so weak.  I am actually surprised and impressed they thought to hold it up with cans.  As I pulled the can out the shelf and everything on it came tumbling down.  It was now an even larger mess, great.

I could not deal with it right then so I mopped up the juice and left it till the morning.  Since the mess was everywhere the kids could not get to the laundry room so on top of the food and mess they through dirty clothes!

 photo IMG_5826_zpsa347b4d2.jpg

Right after coffee I tackled it with Smiley.  He was eager to help.  Sunday he had made a bank at church.  They were supposed to do chores around the house to earn money for something.  He helped me moves all the cans and boxes out of the pile on the floor.  He helped pull the clothes out and take them to the washer.  And threw all the trash in the garbage.  As we were unearthing layers I would find all sorts of change.  Everything I found I gave to him.  And he was over the moon.  He knows no difference between 1 cent to $10.  The more coins he got the more money he had.  After everything was moved I was able to sweep and mop the floor.  We were surprised by their dad coming home mid day from work so in his time before going back we was able to attach strong railings to the wall.  I can't say how wonderful that was!  I did not even ask he just said since you have everything out I will fix it right.  Smiley replaced all the boxes, bottles and can on the fixed shelf and in front of the bottom space.  A kinda odd arrangement but as we watched him eagerly do it for more money Jay said "you get what you pay for".  Well he is still cheap, and certainly cheaper than the older kids, but look like I would be redoing it soon.  Still I was happy enough.

 photo IMG_5827_zpsb5732432.jpg

I did not organize the upper shelves.  I had a lot of other things I had to do that day and did not want to get into a project I would not have time to finish.  Which turned out to be a good thing because....

 photo IMG_5834_zps75484f44.jpg

A few days later as I was getting some bread from the very top I knocked over powder chicken gravy, Sams club size, and it spilled everywhere on every shelf the whole way down.  Ugh!!  Smiley just cheered and said YES!  Mom now we get to do it all again :)

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