Saturday, March 15, 2014

Week 2 savings

Week 2 of my scrimping and saving did not go that well.  I was surprised how much got spent this week.  I did not meet any of my goals from last week to spend under 50 on splurges and no fast food.  It was an expensive week.

My Splurges
office supplies.  Sometimes you are just out and you need them not really a splurge it was nothing fun.  -$8
Secret Sister Gift. found a super cute chunky necklace and matching earrings at target on clearance.  -$7

Getting a Garden Going
I am not a gardener.  I do not have room to garden but most importantly I do not have a green thumb.  I have a black one that is like acid when I touch any living plant I kill it quickly.  My family teases me that I only bring plants home to die.  It is true.  None the less I went to Lowes after searching on pintrest when to sow seeds inside and bought a few packets of seeds and dirt circles that go in a tray I already had.  This could be a money saver if it works (which it won't) but with my history it should be considered a splurge or more so just burning dollars.  I am starting with 2 different types of peppers hot poinsettias and Anaheim.  We eat so many pepper this could save bunches but honestly the are not expensive anyways. Colorful carrots, even my kids said as I threw them in the cart "come on mom you tried this before remember epic fail." brats.  Broccoli it was gonna be cabbage too but I could not find any.  So instead we got okra which I love and kale which I use a bunch in Zuppa Toscana yum!  And I promised my son I will get him pumpkin seeds when it is time to plant them.  Plus down the line I am sure we are going to get a patio tomato plant. -$14 (death march playing)

I did not meat my goal of not eating out.  I got stuck at school one day hours later than I had planned and was starving.  I broke down and stopped by taco bell but the good news was I had put it off so long that it was happy hour at taco bell and they now had a $1 menu for some pretty yummy things. -$5  (okay -$1 was for some much needed coffee from McDonalds.  Not much needed McDonalds but much need coffee on my way to school that morning- it was the day, the Monday after time change.-  And yes I could make coffee at home, I had made 2 pots for me and the kids, no opinions needed that is a whole other issue- but I was dragging, in fact it is late now Wednesday and I still am dragging, stupid time change!  At least it was not from the more expensive Starbucks just across the street or next to my school.  Although that would have been better it taste better and I have a gift certificate...there is always tomorrow)
 Friday birthday coffee -$3

USB flash drive for my son -$7

American girl stuff for my daughters.  Some of it will held back till Easter for the girls hairs, and the rest will be held back to July (if I can make it that long) for my youngest birthday.  I did not plan on buying stuff for them or their dolls but there was a super sale and what I got were such reduced prices, you just don't see stuff that low but a couple times a year.  And now my baby and her bitty baby's birthdays are done, for the most part. -$58

eating out -$15
parts for his smoker -$14
A new smoker.  Did he need it?  In my opinion no.  Am I mad, no.  Because at the end of the day it will make some delicious food for me.  So I can live with it.  Plus I found it at Lowes on clearance and told him about it.  I had a $25 VISA gift card from my secret sister and he had a $25 check of birthday money so it was only -$8 we actually had to add.
charcoal -$7
other grill things -$20

He went to the store to get stuff to make a cake for me and  some ice cream to go with it too.  So how does that turn it to -$60????

I have 5 clues...
 photo kidsincart_zps8952a466.jpg

My Birthday
This week I turned 35.  It was a bit harder than some of the others I am starting to feel old.  It was not fun.  But there were some highlights like watching these 6 try to make a cake, a $60 birthday cake.

 photo imagepng1_zps67b595ab.jpg

The best part was going out to dinner just Jay and I.  We had not been out together alone since my birthday 2012.  You can not believe how hard it is find someone to watch 5 little kids.  You only imagine how expensive it is too.  So we never get a date night.  Last month we had a horrible experience at Marconi Grill.  I had asked for apple juice for my 1 and 2 year old and instead of putting apple juice in their drink they put a cocktail mixer.  My daughters were throwing up all over the restaurant would not/could not eat.  No one even gave us napkins to clean up, and we still had to pay full price for all 5 meals and drinks even the big mistakes.  I was so mad I called when I got home and in trying to make it right they sent me a $50 gift certificate.  Have you ate there that barely touches the price but it did cover the tiny teams meals.  I had another $25 gift card for them I had got for Christmas so Jay and I took both gift cards and went out on a date, just us.  -$75 in gift cards and we only had to pay -$11 out of pocket  not bad at all for 2 meals and a bottle of house wine.  We went to a different one too.

 photo jayandkaren_zps59439d8d.jpg

food -$120 (not including the -$60 above)
post office -$7

Family Savings Jar +$10
Pellet/propane Savings Jar +$10
My sons birthday money went straight into his CD +$25

Other Awesome Accomplishments

  • We ate a lot of leftovers again.  We spent a lot in groceries but most of that is milk, juice, water, soda.  We need to move to tap water obviously.
  • A special family I have had in my life forever sent us a package with 4 new books.  Rush Revere and the first patriots!!  We really wanted that book after we read and loved the first so much.  Plus there were other beautiful book about George Washington and Paul Revere and a cute Amelia Airheart one too.  These are also perfect for my oldest who is going to Mount Vernon next Friday, George Washington's home.
  • in the 4 days since I have planted the seed some of them are sprouting
  • The weather has been warm all but 2 days so we used considerably less pellets and a little less propane.  
  • We took three walks out in the sunshine!
  • I filled up my suburban for $76!  I had earned enough gas points from groceries to receive $.70 off a gallon!  I ended up paying $2.85 a gallon, gas is high in PA
This sounds stupid but, simply put your trash out on trash day.  My neighbors are terrible at this.  They never remember to get the trash out the night before or morning of and it seems 3 weeks out of each month they miss it getting picked up.  Which forces them to take it to the dump.  What a savings it is to use something you all ready pay for.

My goals for this week are going to be the same no fast food, and try not to spend more than $50!!!  I am going to work harder on it this week though.  I am going to try too nurture and figure out what to do with those sprouting seedlings.

And again to see how the other mommas are saving cents go here.  And thank you all for visiting!  Your encouraging and suggestiuve emails last week were so nice.


Unknown said...

You inspire me. Think I'll get serious about budgeting...

Rebecca said...

Oh man, I hear ya sister.

Happy birthday to you! I bet your dinner date was A LOT better than the baby cocktail dinner (that was terrible!). At least you got to go out for only $11.00.

Matt and I went on a date to Olive Garden and I about swallowed my tongue when we got the bill. No birthday excuse either. Just an "I need a date or I am going to go insane" excuse. ;-)

Can't wait to see how you've done on Friday!

Merry said...

Followed a link from Renaissance. Great blog, adding you to my favorites. Happy Birthday ( you have no idea how young 35 is! )

No judgement on the coffee thing. I grew up on what my parents called coffee milk. It was about half milk half coffee. ( My folks practiced frugality eons before it was hip and it was the only way we would drink reconstituted powdered milk) Admittedly, I still love coffee though I did ditch the milk when I was about 17.
Enjoy the time now when budgeting is necessary and every monetary decision is critical. The years pass quickly and the nest empties. By then finances are not such an issue, but life is not quite as insanely fun. Enjoy it all and consider the $5 coffee and lunch a well deserved treat.

Karen Sue said...

Anything you do to save is good. Don't beat yourself up too much about the negatives, as they will most likely be less and less. But yes, sometimes you just GOTTA have a bonus splurge. And sometimes you have no control and you've just got to roll with it.

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