Monday, October 20, 2008

Away for the day

Today we are jumping in the car and heading south to my parents and the home I spent most of my childhood years in. I primarily grew up in Washington D.C. and I loved it! I wish my kids could grow up there too but that is not in cards right now. My husband hates it there. And yes he did give it a try. We lived there for a little while and he just got to claustrophobic. He does not like lots of people, big crowds, heavy traffic (who does?)and many other reasons. His dislike for it is the main reason we do not live there. The second being the high cost of living. We simply can not afford to live there. So I will go down there today and enjoy it while I can but then return to my small quaint affordable country home. We both love it here in Amish country. What a difference?!


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