Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A drive today

I can't sleep. In Fact I have been up for hours. Tossing and turning. I finally decided it is time that I need to go get some coffee. So I jumped out of bed and jumped online. Coffee is brewing.

I fell asleep real early last night which leads to my not being able to stay asleep now. But I can get lonely quick and curious George is about to come on. So I ran upstairs to waken the best two buddies to watch curious George with. Ahh snuggled up on the couch with them that is better. DH is still upstairs, he has no problem sleeping.


It is a beautiful morning and that is good because I will be doing a lot of driving today. About 5 hours. I am going out to Altoona. This will be my first trip there. It is about an hour east of Pittsburgh, another place I have not been too.


On my "to do" list is visit many of the nearby cities. Unfortunately none of these cities are really that nearby. We were going to go to Philadelphia this upcoming weekend but for a variety of reasons that trip is now pushed back indefinitely. One day I will make it there but today I am going to grab my coffee, grab my sun glasses and head out to Altoona. See you soon.

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