Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fall at the farm

There is a farm about 10 minutes from here that we visit every year. There are so many things that the children can expend their energy on we spend hours of enjoyable fun there. It has a huge boat that they climb all over. I wish we had a yard that could support one of those Noah's Ark play sets. Maybe one day, until then there are a few around town I can take the children to play on.

They have tricycle race tracks, tunnels of fun, hay piles, and hay barrels to climb over.


They have a small animal feeding area. You can feed sheep, cows, and goats. The boys definitely was the goats. Those billy goats climbed up ramps super high only to await the food that was being sent up by kids. Mine feed them over and over as they got a big kick out of turn the wheel making the can go up.


There is a huge hill. I am not sure if it is a pile of the dirt that was collected from leveling out some of the fields or if it was just an abnormal mound there. Either way it is great for sliding. Up and down we all went time and again. It can be a work out to run up that hill that many times.


One thing that is really neat is they had two corn mazes one for adults and a half the height one for kids. How cool we made our way through that one and it prefect size for Gregory.


We had fun. We will be back and if it were up to two little boys we would have never left. Their unhappy faces are apparent as we hulled them out of there crying. Oh well a quick nap and then they will be happily charged to play again.


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Anonymous said...

We'll be making a trip to our local farm this weekend. Seeing your family's fun pictures is really making me look forward to our outing even more! I'm glad you all had such a great time. You've got a lovely family!

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