Monday, October 13, 2008

Berkeley Springs West Virginia

It was a warm day after a cold and rainy weekend. I had to work that weekend so I did not get to spend much time with my family. Work was ruff and I missed my boys so we decided to go down to Berkley Springs West Virginia. Berkley Springs is a natural warm springs that promotes itself as the countries oldest spa. It is so old and that it has been visited and used by many famous dignitaries such as George Washington.


Now it is used and played in by my two wonderful kids. The water there stays a constant 74 degrees so we all jumped in. Gregory outlasted all of us to no surprise. He really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed them.


After hours of playing I tried to talk DH into getting some ice cream just down the road but we wondered across this interesting looking restaurant. We peek at the menu and decided to have a late lunch instead. Upon walking inside we also discovered it was an art museum. Wow we thought as we looked around at all the beautiful sculptures. Oh no we thought as we looked down at our kids. How were they not going to touch? I wanted to touch half of the stuff there. But I wanted to stay as far away from those hefty prices as I could. We decided to stay and eat since the children were all ready excited. They did remarkable. Such good kids! We were there for over 2 hours and they sat and ate and were impressive that even the owner complimented us on them.

It was a great day with my family. A wonderful time at Berkeley Springs West Virginia, we will return soon.

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