Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall Fun Fest

Fall is an absolutely wonderful time of year! Our family LOVES festivals. Surly, fall ranks the busiest festival time of year. And why not? The weather is perfect, the colors are beautiful, the food is plentiful (thank the LORD), and the fun is everywhere.

September 20 we packed up the kidos and headed over to a farm a just down the road, (yes we are blessed!) where they were having their annual fall farm day. It is a very large working farm.

They had all different sort of "booths/events" set up everywhere. We started on a hayride of the 300 acre farm. They hay ride stopped and 4 different stands where different environmental and community groups would give you a lesson. We learned about the dangers of quarry's, the importance of recycling, agricultural spraying, the efficiency of steamy tractors and their hot drawbacks compared to the gas gussling combines but their time saving capacities, and the modern innovations in farming.


We got to pet baby calf's.


Even milk cows. However, when my youngest saw it he thought the cow was peeing! It was cute at the time.


They had the same barrel train ride that the children have been on many of times at different events around the county. I never knew it traveled but none the less the children were over the moon to see it and oh so excited to ride it in the fall too.


But the best thing that comes from cows is of course ice cream. We filled up for FREE!!!!! Our Favorite dairy and I am not just saying that because the ice cream was for free but it truly is and has been every since we moved to Pennsylvania. They had ice cream for everyone.


They really did the farm up making it look so nice and inviting. Autumn decorations were everywhere and the feeling of fall was abundant. The lesson to be learned was do not try to capture that perfect photo for mailing out on Thanksgiving cards AFTER you gave your kidos ice cream.


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