Monday, February 21, 2011

The boys on a bike ride

Are you ready? For?? Another post about the weather!!!

Yes it true there is still more I can say about it. This time it is not all bad. This time I am not a that angry with the poor misguided weather man. This time the weather was ...WARM! At the end of last week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the weather man said it was going to creep up to 60 and giving the Lord the glory it was beautiful in the upper 60's.

With the warm weather we experienced a few great things. It melted all the rest of the snow. Left big mud puddles perfect for little boys. And we were able to pull our bikes out for a much needed ride.


Yes that is short sleeves my boys are wearing. Sometimes we need to steep back and give thank for even the small things.

I hitched up Smiley and he was ready to ride. We have this pull along baby carrier and he light up when we get it out.


Gladly and happily he climbs into it. There is room for two babies when our new one is old enough. But it is a little unnerving to have the babies so close to the ground ridding behind me.

We rode all around. It was a little frustrating. With out ridding at all in the winter the boys had completely forgot any bike ridding etiquette. They were all over the place. They would just stop and suddenly we would all run in to the stopped leader. They would run in to me. They did not at all stay to one side. It will be something we will have to work on. Something I am sure that will come back to them after a few more rides. Even with the frustration it was more fun to be out ridding again, enjoying the sunshine.


Two times my fore mentioned fears about the babies in the carrier had some justification. At the start of our journey about 500 feet from our home one of the wheels on our carrier fell off. They do come on and of for storage but are you know supposed to stay ON while ridding. We turned around went home and I was able to quickly fix it. I thought I had got it on just fine. It seemed secure. It made it through the neighborhood, around the park. Just as we pulled back into our driveway I felt a heavy pull. I turned around to find AGAIN the wheel had come off. Uf da at least we are home.

There was a disappointed baby in the back sitting, looking helpless, cute, I sure he was thinking glorious thoughts about my repair skills.



We will look further into this but no need to today because last night... it SNOWED!

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b. lee said...

yay for warm weather last week & bike rides :D

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