Thursday, February 10, 2011

I gained weight

The other day I was watching tv with my husband and when we watch it together I respectfully try to watch something we both enjoy. I just don't get why he can't sit through hours of HGTV or "Birth Stories" but we seem to both enjoy the pawn shows. This day we were watching Pawn Stars. What a great show. We love the characters and have learned a few interesting facts throughout.


They look so big, grizzly and intimidating in this picture. But once you watch the show they are all like teddy bears. They are on my list of people I would love to hang out with.

After the show was over the first episode of a brand new show staring Larry the cable guy was premiering. We thought why not give it a try. We enjoy his comedy and kids movies. Well the show was horrible. I doubt we will ever watch it again. But where I am trying to go with all this is in the show he went to visit the Emily Post house, she is notable for etiquette in America.


A beautiful house where he was supposed to lean manner and proper dinner etiquette. A failed attempt. Not even comical. But how many other people fail etiquette daily? I believe most. Our society has lost so much in the way of manners. Myself included there are many areas I need to improve upon.

At the doctors office in a place I routinely find any lack of etiquette. You are all ready feeling vulnerable and where on earth did a good bedside manner go? If you have a great doctor you are lucky. If you are like me I pretty much see who is available to fit my time so there is not a strong relationship with any of them. But it is not just the doctors who need to tender and caring their support staff is crucial and often the worst.

Receptionist who still can't pronounce your name right even after 5 years of going there. All staff members who are hanging in the back slightly visible watching utube on there cell phones as you have been waiting 10 minutes to just check in. We have all had some sort of story encounter. Then the nurses too. I have had the best sweetest nurses in the world, just have loved them. Since you spend so much time with them they should be that way. They should be your comfy pillow, long time friend, a warm cup of coffee.

Yesterday I did not have one of those nurses. I had a nurse with no etiquette and such a poor bedside manner.


FYI be careful when you google bad nurse in google images ALL SORTS of things came up. And a disclaimer all of the pictures on this post were pulled of there from one source or another.

It started with that old statement most people hate hearing, let's get your weight.


I have mixed feeling about this to begin with. On one hand I hate gaining weight and it is hard to watch your self gain extra chins. On the other hand I know I will and need to gain weight for a healthy baby so why not enjoy putting on a few extra pounds. After all I will lose it when all is said and done anyway. At least some, or most, maybe even more?

So I climbed on the scale not really caring but the number kept going up. It passed the unrealistic number I wanted to stay at in my head, but I passed that months ago. Then it passed 10 pounds over that making me realize how unrealistic it was, and it kept going. Micro seconds felt like forever. Was this scale ever going to stop?

Finally it did. At a number that was high but I was not worried about. A number that justified the empty box of Health Bar ice cream in my freezer. Then my glorious nurse crudely blurted out "You have gained 32 pounds since you became pregnant." Shocked not by the number but by the condescending judgmental tone of her voice.


It weighed on me my whole visit. (haha) I left feeling fat. (I am not fishing for compliments here please don't think that. I don't think I have any problems with weight even with my 32 pound gain.) I just could not believe her. She was a new nurse there. It made me wonder where she came from and why was she not at where she used to be.

The whole situation kept running through my mind all the way from the office to Cracker Barrel where I joyfully and deliciously rounded that number up to 35 pounds gained. So there mean nurse. And with a month to go there no stopping me. Who knows where I will end up. Maybe I will double down and add 64 pounds. All I know is I have a lot of birthdays coming up in March and there will be a lot of delicious, yummy, decadent, doubled layered, lots of icing oh so good cakes. And I plan to enjoy them all.


Anonymous said...

I am really stuck on the yucky nurse.
We all have bad days. I get it.

My bad nurse was during delivery! And yes, I am still pouting about it 4 years later!

Ugh-- no reason for that mess. Pregnant women are hormonal enough. I guess I had a reason to lash back out or "accidentally" knock some sense in her, huh?

Anyrate... you look wonderful and I say enjoy those birthday feasts!

Kalina said...

First- I LOVE Pawn Stars. The boyfriend and I both watch it and it's both interesting and funny :)

Second- Nurses in general scare me. My mom is a nurse (LOL) but nurses in a doctors office just freak me out. Especially the ones that are rude!

Sonya Schroeder said...

Hey girl stopping by to say HI and hope your week has been blessed. Are you on Facebook? Would love to connect with you there if you are. I am under Sonya Janni Schroeder. Hugs

Newtown Physio Sydney said...

You make a good point about bedside manner. It should really be a pre-requisite for all health professionals.

Anonymous said...

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