Friday, February 18, 2011

Project 365 week 7

In a year that is flying by this was a rather long week. We have been busy, tired, enjoying some warmer weather and trying to clean this house. I am so thankful it is Friday but this 3 day weekend is so over scheduled it will be even busier, but still wonderful family time.

February 12
A nice gesture by Jay, he brought me home some newspapers to read.


February 13
I hit the 34 week mark. Evan arms can barely fit around my belly anymore.


February 14
Aren't these great? Spanish conversation hearts. My boys are struggling with Spanish I thought these might help.


February 15
boy being boys. With all the melting snow left an abundance of mud.


February 16
With the temperature warming up and a nice breeze I hung the blankets and towels out to dry. I love the feeling of line dried towels and blankets with a breeze to them. But I can not stand to have my clothes line dried. Still a little snow on the ground but it is going away and hopefully does not return.


February 17
It was Fathers day at the boys school for the younger kids. Evan got to make his dad breakfast and spend some time with him. He was so excited about this and just loved it, he said it was his favorite part of the day.


February 18
I have a strong opinion against pets in our house. My fish are okay and occasionally watching my parents dog is nice but I will not have pets. Therefore a bonus to the children's school is they each have classroom pets. They live there, the kids get to love and play with them, it is such a win win situation. This is Evan's most beloved Sammy.


If you want to read more about others weeks hop on over to see Sonya at Becoming a Strong Woman of God for other great 365 weeks.


nomo wino daph said...

Look at you pretty momma.....
your glowing!


b. lee said...

u look beautiful; gettin close! oh & nothing like the smell of laundry hung to dry in the fresh air * *

Lisa said...

You look great Karen!

We don't have pets either. Both of the kids have allergies so we can't have them, but honestly I just hate all the mess they make. Something about having an animal roaming around the house seems dirty!

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