Friday, February 25, 2011

Project 365 week 8

8 weeks into this year. 2 months complete. 1 month or less until I have this baby. My mind is full right now yet absent. Thoughts have been wrapping around my head, unrest and anxiety kicking in full swing. My sermon from Sunday is still so present and at the forefront of my mind when a little contraction is not there and my hopeful head jumping to could this be it? Please let it be it.

I have been praying so much this week and have been hearing answers. That should be enough. That should let me go on with my day and give me rest. Why do I not let it go? Again I will turn back prayer.

I have been slightly getting things ready for baby. I would not quite call it nesting yet but I will get to it. Does forced nesting count? I have been very tired taking naps daily. I have been in a lot of pain as baby has moved into place and I deal with contractions and pressure all day and night. And I have been struggling with bouts of nausea again. These last few week are so tough which is why I am ready to have the baby but I will try to wait till she is ready, try being the operative word. My doctors have gave me the okay to have this darling anytime locally now.

It again was a long week. The children had two days off due to a Presidents day dumping of half a foot of snow. Oh let's just recall it in pictures. Along with other ladies at Becoming a Strong Woman of God.

February 19
I made macaroni and it was all standing up on end. How weird what are the chances?


February 20
35 weeks pregnant!


February 21
Presidents day and a birthday party. My absent minded scattered brain actually thought this party was on Saturday. I loaded up my family and drove them down to a different state showed up at the party place to find out there was no party for my children that day, it was Monday. Oh they were upset. They cried and to make it up for it I drove further south to another state and took them to see their Grandparents. That somewhat helped but actually going to the party on Monday is what made it better.


February 22
I love babies in the bath tub. Especially the way they smell all dried off.


February 23
Back to school after a four day weekend and it is school spirit week. Today was crazy hair day. The boys love dying their hair crazy colors and ways. I love that it only last a few hours.


February 24
All it takes is half a second. If a mess can be made he is involved. I turned away for half a second and he decided the amount of cereal I had gave him was not enough. So he poured more on his own.


February 25
A sweet old German lady from my swimming class made me this outfit for my baby. I LOVE IT!! I can't wait to have it on her. I can't believe how nice it is and she hand made it. Boy I wish I had these talents. It is so soft. The boots are brimmed and the bonnet I can just imagine her in.


More to come next week I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Mama Keene said...

Sending you lots of prayers for you to start feeling better, not much longer now! And that baby outfit is beyond beautiful, can't wait to see pictures of your sweet baby girl in it! Take care friend!

Kari said...

Crazy hair day looked fun! Love the photos.

Unknown said...

Great job this week girl. You are stepping out and taking some great pic. I love the one with your son in the bath!! hugs

Lisa said...

That picture of Smiley after he added more to his cereal bowl is hilarious! Looks just like something Wyatt would do. :)

What a beautiful outfit for your baby girl. It's almost time for her to be here!

Have a great week!

b. lee said...

how precious is that little outfit :D

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