Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A soft bunny coat

How can it be 2 weeks all ready? Faith is 2 weeks old yesterday. All ready but it feels like forever. It feels like we have had her always. She is such a sweet baby. Soft and cuddly with her big blue eyes. And that baby head we all keep rubbing against, perfect.

She has been a trooper. Running from event to everywhere with us and getting passed around by people at every stop. She has added extra time to our schedule. We are now late to everything. That will come there are just so many bags.

Always in my arms she has left we with extra long to do list. Things are piling up. But holding a two week old or doing a load of dish, you can guess what wins.


Faith received a super soft, girly bunny coat. I love it and she does too. I can't wait to dress her up for Easter. I am gonna have to find a tiny dress. I am gonna have to find some time to get one. I have to get there Easter pictures took. I still have to take her newborn pictures. Well looks like that to do list will is about as big as she is. The dishes will have to wait because I am in need of some baby bunny cuddle time.



Ashley said...

Oh that little bunny coat is soooo sweet! LOVE it ;)

Lisa said...

Faith is so precious!! I'm so glad that she is here, but I can't believe it's already been 2 weeks!

Cory (playdates and prescriptions) said...

Too cute!! Cate had the SAME coat for her first Easter! It was adorable!

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