Monday, October 31, 2011

Guess who has been hanging out here?

Yup the jolly red man Kris Kringle , St. Nick.. Santa Clause.

He has been having breakfast and dinner with us for some time now.  I know how much people hate rushing the holidays and how much distaste there is for Christmas decorations at labor day, before Halloween even thanksgiving.  But as soon as the countdown hit 99 days we got Santa from the shed and have enjoyed him everyday since.

The boys are getting excited.  I am too.  A lot of shopping is done.  No other decorations are out.  For the next month we will focus on Thanksgiving but then after black Friday it will be all Christmas around here.  I am so excited, I am so hopeful, I know what I want for Christmas.  ( A good camera, my family, wink wink)

But truly I am looking forward to reading Luke again this holiday season.  What a way to prepare your heart, mind and home for the real reason for the season.

1 comment:

michelle said...

I've been hard at work on Lily's advent calendar for the last month (it's HARD finding stuff for those tiny boxes, lemme tell ya!), so I might be a little anxious about Santa and all too. :)

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