Sunday, October 2, 2011

A good check up and a good day

Friday was another one of our Hershey days.  Smiley had another check up.

Can I tell you again how much I love this hospital?  They are always the best.  Anything above what you can imagine they have in the waiting room to put the kids at ease.  Tricyclestree houses, doll houses, xbox, air hockey they have it all!  And when you get to the room they are just as awesome.  Decked out fully in themes it is neat to explore all the stuff they have for you in each of them.  Today my son was in a cowboy room that was so cool.  But it still was not cool enough that he did not run once the doctor came in poor baby.  However Smiley's doctor is fantastic.  I love her and she just sits back and watches are family in all the craziness and kids that are there or aren't there on any given day and still says, what a great family you have.

But he has been doing well and the check up went well and all is good!!  Yeah!!!

Since it went so good, and since we were next to Hershey park well we decided to stop by.

We actually had this appointment scheduled for earlier this month but due to extreme flooding in our area we could not make it.  If you feel like the recap you can always find it amazingly here.

Wow take a look at that link and see the flooding of the park!  Well just as water come up water recedes.  It has almost been two weeks and the water is almost all gone.

Here are the gates today....

Compared to a couple of weeks ago...



As we started walking in the park we saw these little blue signs.

So it is not completely cleaned up yet but they are working on it.

So sigh, again wow.  But it did not stop us from doing what we could.

It was just me and the babies that day. And I love being with them and they love chocolate world!  It is amazing how happy it makes them.  I take them on the ride to see the cows

And they light up.  No matter if they were throwing a tantrum before.  Or if someone just had a bad visit at the Hospital, or they are hungry, whatever, if they see those happy cows they are excited.

We rode that ride over and over and over and yet still over again.

Okay so she does not look that thrilled but trust me these cows are better than Nanny Jo and they give you chocolate at the end.

We had a great time.  We played, we shopped, we brought home fudge.  And we had to get going.

But thank God for a great check up, safe travels and a nice day.  Hopefully next time everyone can come and we can enjoy the rides once they are open again.


Vivian said...

That place would be heaven for my kids and ME!!! I don't know where I've been living but I had no idea there was a Hershey's chocolate world. HOW FUN! Thank you for coming to visit and allowing me to find you :)

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Love the pics of Hershey Park - I've never been! Looks like loads of fun! And Congrats on a good check-up - that's the best part! Happy Monday to all!

michelle said...

When I picture heaven, it looks (and tastes) a lot like Chocolate World. ;)

Karen said...

My goodness. If you are sometimes in Hershey, that puts you only about 45 minutes from where I live when you're there. I love Hershey Chocolate World. Best place to take kids!

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