Thursday, October 13, 2011

We have been busy

A few days, a week, a month they slide by so quick.  It is now the middle of OCTOBER and I still have sitting in my folders pictures to edit stories to tell from the SUMMER!  I don't always "catch up"  but whether I am writing them for my blog editing them to print or post there is a lot that needs to be done.  And I am having a hard time finding the time.  And when I do well...I am worn out.  So you will often find me asleep on that ugly couch I take to many pictures on.

Since school started it has been a constant go-go-go, and we scaled down activities this year.  We are only doing AWANAS and soccer.  We omitted swimming.  But do hope to add it again soon.  However for the time being I am thankful for the rest..    In addition still take the Evan to therapy 2 times a week and he still attends more at school 2 times a week.  Their dad and I play tag team parenting.  Someone is working, someone is sleeping, someone is watching the kids, and I am running them everywhere and in between.

I know we all as moms come across this in our lives.  We have to juggle, we have to clean, and we have to figure out a system.  Happy to say I see the light I think I figured it out, sad to say it took 6 weeks!  But it is also fall in the Northeast.  And that means every spare minute and more is spent doing something.  Something that was not getting my life in order but building our family bond.  Even more important.  I will handle a little more chaos f0or a great family day.

The kids are doing great, the house is a mess, the fridge is empty, do I really even want to tell you about Mt. Laundry?  But my memory card is beyond full, 1 project is done and I am looking forward to the holidays.

So between all the practices, lessons, festivals and games what did I do?

I built a small patio in the front of our house.

I started in August.  I wanted a place mostly for the kids to sit and wait for the van.  (their bus)  I had found a great deal on a bench at target on an end of summer clearance.  The spot I was working was an ugly half dead flower half grass problem/ eye sore in front of our house.  It was a perfect spot for them to have this "bus stop".  It was away from the road close to the door but out of the house.  Plus other times it would be a nice place for me and dad to hide wait I mean sit.

So I started digging it all up.  That was tough.  We have potato rock soil.  Plus on top of that I have 4 littles to contend with.  However I dug it down.  I sloped it for drainage.  I compacted the soil I thought it looked better than the before.  I went to LOWES and bought sand and let my oldest pick out the pavers.  I was set and then Jay reared his head in and said you need paver base blah blah blah.  So my project got held up.  And then it rained, and then school started, and we got busy, and through it all it continued to rain.  On any day I had a chance to work on it something came up.  But eventually it gone done.  And eventually he helped me a little.  Like adding the last piece of a puzzle little.  But I am thankful.  And it is done.  Which lead to the most recent picture of my 4 little lovelies.  They are the best.

Whew, one thing done and more to come... stay tuned.


Vivian said...

Hard work always pays off. It turned out great! That picture of the little ones is way cute!

Teresa said...

Great job on the 'bus stop'! Am super impressed. I find it a juggle and I only have one little one so I think you must be a bit of a super mum juggling everything that needs to be done with 4!

michelle said...

Ok, it's official: you're my hero. :) I was exhausted just reading your post! But, then again, I'm exhausted just getting out of my computer chair or walking across the room or something these days. ;)
LOVE the patio...and especially the cute pic of your cute kiddos!!

Karen said...

Wow! I am really impressed. The finished area is beautiful. Ok. I think you need to do a post with step by step details on how to do that! I would love to try it myself.

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