Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Car

Nothing makes you realize you need to clean your car more than picking up a friend who has legs that reach the floor.  The other day I was driving home and I saw a friend walking down along the highway with a gas can in his hand.  I pulled right over maybe 50 feet past him which gave me a second to through the items on my front seat into the back seat.  I threw them onto a pile of car seats and a bunch of other kid junk that had accumulated on the floorboard of that there feet can not reach.  Eyes opened and disgusted I looked to the floor bored of the passenger seat next.  It was just as bad.  It had my work books, purse, shopping bag, a plate, ect.  More stuff!  I was embarrassed but after all he does have 3 little kids of his own and HE was the one who ran out of gas, so my embarrassment subsided.  To end this part of the story I had pulled over nearly directly across from his work truck on the opposite side of the road and he was walking back with the gas.  So I was of no help but he also did not get in my messy car.

So back to what I started at the beginning of January the What I am going into 2012 with.  Blessings.  This is my car.


It is a 5 seater, paid for Ford 500, with now 70k miles.  It does not fit my whole family but it is paid for.  It does fit me and the kids.  So I use it to run around in and transport them, only, and it is paid for.  We do have a larger vehicle that fits the 6 of us, it is huge, has an even bigger engine V10, horrible on gas, and it too is paid for.  We pretty much just use it to go to church, out to eat, to the park, on trips, in winter, it is also 4 wheel drive, anywhere we want to go as a family.  And usually that is not to far, except trips.  But since both vehicles are paid for we just made it work.  Burt no with 5 kids coming my car will no longer work.  I could run around in the bigger car but even that one is now to small as it just fits 6 adults.

The easy answer is buy a van.  The harder reality is that is not in the budget.  I have been looking at vans and they are not cheap.  I have been looking at suv's and they too are not cheap.  My kids and community suggest I by a school bus. haha.

I have 6 more months to figure it out.  Till then I will clean my car and not make a car payment.


Ashley said...

Hey! I have been a MIA blogger lately but Im back and its so good to read through your blog! My new URL is

michelle said...

I'm obviously waaaay behind on my blog stalking. Heck, I'm behind on EVERYTHING these days. :) Hope you're feeling lots better! And my '03 4-Runner's got over 100k miles in it, but it's still running,'s paid for. :)

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