Tuesday, January 10, 2012

down sick

I have been knocked out sick for more than a while now.  The icky, yucky, I can't move kind of sick.  The am I sick or am I dying kind of sick.  It has sucked.  I have not felt up to much lately not even something as non strenuous as blogging.  Even reading blogs I found exhausting lately, I mean all computer stuff I still love all of your blogs and if I missed anything awesome fill me in.  Laying around yes, living not really.  The worst part I am not over it.  It is better yes! And Thankfully but still here, with more to come.  Is it baby sick?  Um no not really but I am sure that is not helping.  It is a virus, an infection and a kidney stone, and probably baby too.  Blah...


This past January weekend we were blessed with the most beautiful warm 60's degree weather.  It was amazing!  Wish I could have enjoyed it.  Last January my children never even made it to school a full week because of the snow.  This year that is anything but true.  Some people complain about global warming I love it!  Let's hope for February in the 70's!

I have watched a lot of tv in my state of excruciating.  Thanks to showtime on demand I was able to catch a movie I had always wanted to see from the comfort of my floor in the fetal position in front of the warm  fireplace.  (And remember I just said it was 60's outside, but I was freezing)


The movie was better than being sick but very disappointing.  More to come about this later because I figured out something kinda interesting.  Especially for all you twilight fans.

I also caught a long morning of bad renovation shows, travel shows to places I could never afford to go, and a stand by favorite of one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies as well.  These all from the comforts of my hospital bed.  Which I enjoyed for the quite escape from home, the continuous morphine, and nurses catering to me, opposed to the cold floor of my living room where I only moved to serve the children.

Yes I was truly sick.



Not the kind of sick day I wanted.  I hate being sick.  I hate wasting sick days.  If I have to take a sick day I want to enjoy it.




everyday products and more said...

I know that feeling all to well.Hope you feel better

Vivian said...

I hope you get better. I've missed you. Praying for your recovery.

michelle said...

Poor girl!! I was feeling sorry for myself 'cause I've been a little tired and sniffly, but I've officially stopped! I hope you feel worlds better.

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