Sunday, January 22, 2012

it's not Christmas

But Smiley thought it was.  When he woke up and saw snow on the ground.  He threw open the drapes and yelled "IT"S CHRISTMAS!!!!"  Burr... It has been so cold here.  Life is never fun when it is cold unless you are two.  We got our first snow of the year. The first snow in winter.  The first snow since Halloween.  That was a freak snow.  It snowed all night, the rained on top of it leaving a nice layer of ice.  A nice layer of ice for a two year old and his trusty cat to go crunching around on.


Smiley would "stomp the snow going crunch crunch" and Wyatt would just follow him around.  He thought it was great until he lost his glove.


And since Wyatt is a cat she did not go retrieve it, just inside along with him.  The glove is still out there as none of the rest of us want to go out in the cold.  The boys would rather...

go swimming.


Don't you just love it they are holding hands!  :)

They are still swimming twice a week.  You would think they would be pros by now after all they have been swimming since 2009.  But lets just say I am glad they are in a good school.


They are doing good though.  And I do not expect nor want them to be Olympic swimmers.


They are happily jumping into a cold pool when it is even colder outside.  I don't want to do that.  I am good taking them and watching there silly jumps and belly flop dives.

Me I am now 14 weeks pregnant.  Slightly gaining weight, to cold to care.  It still has not sank in yet except for I am always at the doctors.  At lest I get a ton of ultrasounds.  I have seen so much of this baby it has been a blessing.  We still do not know if baby is a boy or girl.  The kids guess what ever they want at the moment, Jay guess a boy, me a girl, but who knows.  I am still planning on not finding out but with all these ultrasounds we will see.  I have got pretty good at reading them.  No name choices have been thrown around either.  I have some I like but we will see. I have no strong pull right now to any of them.  With some of the other a name was chose right away.  With others like Gregory I was 8 or 9 months before we finally decided.  For now here is a picture.  A shameless self portrait in the bathroom mirror.



Ashley said...

The snow looks so fun! Enjoy it (before it gets old and annoying lol!)

michelle said...

You look fabulous! And I'll be soooo impressed if you go the whole preggo distance without learning the sex of your babe. I'm (unfortunately) way too impatient and uptight to do it!

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