Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh Happy Day

We had such a good time even the ice cream was smiling!  Yes that is right.  We all went out to lunch to our favorite Chinese restaurant the kids always eat well there so they can have ice cream at the end.  Even Faith for the first time ate there, she gobbled up everything on her plate.  When Evan went to open his coffee ice cream he started cracking up.  The ice cream is smiling at me!


Sure enough it was.  imprinted on the inside of the lid and on the ice cream itself was a smiley face.  We checked over the packaging and there was no drawling on the outside.  No imprinting by a pen or other device on the outside.  We are not sure how it happened, a weird thing.  But just as the ice cream it made us all smile and laugh.


He went on eating the ice cream opening up a few others too but we never found another smiley face.  Then we got to the fortune cookie which explained it all.  What a great future for my smiling, wonderful boy!



Anonymous said...

I totally see the smile! Mmmm Chinese! One of my favs. :)

michelle said...

My girl always wants Chinese food too...or Jason's Deli...and it has everything to do with the ice cream machine! Can't say I blame her. :)

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