Sunday, January 1, 2012

The kids

As we are going in to 2012 I thought I would do a quick series of what I am going into it with.  The kids ask me all the time about this or that or when and half the time if not more I can't remember.  Pictures do help.  I figured I would start with my little in age big in abundance blessings, the children.  They have enriched my life so greatly and impacted me deeply.  I would not every want to be without them.  I hope they marry well, stay close by, and remain faithful in our religion.  However that is a while off and in the meantime I hope they are happy, learning lots, can stay at their school, behaving well, stay out of trouble and be better than the best.

He is my 8 year old wonder.  He is amazing at so many things.  He is a fantastic soccer player.  Fearless and takes on other boys 5 grades ahead.  His favorite position is goalie and he is good at it.  He would also be good at more offense positions because he is so fast.  Along with his speed come endurance which he showed us in May by running 5 miles in less than an hour.

He is also a homebody that loves to drawl stories, create video game ideas but mostly play them.  He is a good game player.  He is also a fan of many worthless tv shows but he like the ones that teach him science and have mysteries.

He loves school.  He loves to see his friends and play with them.  He enjoys studying so many different subjects but hates writing out spelling words.  He get very excited about lessons that click with him like geography,  math, rocks and loves to read Magic Tree House books.  He has learned so many bible verse and done well in AWANAS.  he puts god first and tells me he loves Him most and then Faith.

He is not a helper around the house.  His selective listening comes in when I ask him to pick up.  But he is a big helper with the babies.  He gets along well with all his siblings and they all adore him.  Evan and him are the closet.  They are best friends for life.  Smiley looks up to him and thinks he is the greatest.  He is so sweet with his little brother.  He tries to include him and make him happy.  And he is just as enamored with his sister as she is with him.  He loves Faith.  He believes she is here and a girl because he prayed for her to come ever night.  Every time he is gone it is always Faith he misses and Faith he runs too.  He smothers her all the time with in your face tickles and kisses.  When he found out our new baby was coming in July, his birthday month, he was excited and cheered yes finally.  With a house full of March birthdays he wanted one to share July with.



Is my 6 year old that is the sweetest child.  He is such a cuddler.  He loves to give hugs and kisses.  He loves to help at school.  And so very much enjoys going out one on one with you if you need to run errands.  He was even my black friday partner this year where he picked out some very nice and generous gifts for his brothers that fit them perfect.  He get along well with his siblings.  He prefers Gregory to all of them he loves to hang out with him and tries to give him kisses at school which Gregory then runs from and Evan's feeling are hurt.  His feeling get hurt easily.  When he and Gregory were separated for two nights this year he cried and moped around lost without his brother.  He often whines and fights with Smiley.  I am hoping that does change in the future.

He is doing great in school.  He is trying so hard to lean to read and it is coming along.  His teachers always rave about him and say how he is so well liked by everyone.  His favorite part of school is his hamster.  He loves small pets, cutie pie- hamster, Sammy- rabbit, and Wyatt- cat.  He says his favorite part of the day is coming to school and going to say good morning to the headmaster every day.  She greats him and the other children each with a smile a handshake or hug every morning as they walk in.  He is still in therapy 5 times a week.  I have seen much improvement and am so proud for as far as he has come.  He is a good speller.

Evan has a heart for ministry.  Prayer is his answer to most everything.  If he doesn't understand he prays, if he is scared he prays, if he is happy he prays, if he knows others need help he prays.  He often comes up with revelations that make adults stop and think.  He wants to go out and tell others about Jesus.  He feels Jesus is the answer to most problems.

He plays a lot of sports and has a strong body for his age.  But sports are not his thing he just does not have the interest yet.  He consumes him self with art and legos.  He is always drawling something, making crafts and building projects.  He likes to create.  He makes such a big mess in which he too is not good at picking up.  I have never seen a child clean up slower than he.



He is still my Smiley.  He puts the picture on cute.  What he says and does it is a cuteness overload.  Dark brown eyes, wispy blond hair and a smile that stretches ear to ear he is something else.  But he is also 2 and in being 2 we do have the tantrums, the loud shouting, and trying to be 6 and 8 but your just 2.  He is a big boy and thinks he can do what ever his brothers do so it is easy to forget he is just a baby still only 2, not even close to 3.

He is obsessed with trains, loves cars (the movies), and LOVES his baby friends.  He lights up when you say what to see your baby friends?  He cheers.  He knows the directions of how to get to them and will tell you before we even get in the car.  Today as he walked into Sunday school his baby friends even said as he came in "it;s Brendan!"

He loves his brothers.  He watches them, copies them and repeats what they say.  He calls Gregory YaYa which we all do now too.  He so much wants to be included and be just like them.  He has took to his sister in a way I did not expect.  Not jealous there is another baby in the house but proud and loving of her and says all the time "my baby sister"  He brings her things, feed her, plays with her, rolls on her, cuddles her, he loves her.  He is happy to see her all the time they have grown so close and it is so cute.  He makes her laugh and smile much bigger than the rest of us.

He loves balls and playing outside.  Loves bike rides to the park.  He loves his mamum.  He cuddles up with me any chance he gets.  If he is on the coach he says come sit with me.  He gives kisses and wants to be held.  He does happy dances when you pick him up from the nursery.  We go in rounds of I love you exchanges everyday.  He is awesome.



She is 9 months old and our princess.  Each and everyone of us is wrapped around her cute little fingers.  She is beautiful.  I dress her in pink and girly clothes everyday topped off with bows.  She always looks like a girly girl but doesn't always act like it.  She like to push around cars just like her brothers.  She does the funniest growling noise.  She sounds like a little gremlin.  She is crawling and into everything.  She can so quickly go from area to area pulling things down or out and banging them togeter or sticking them in her mouth.  Everything goes in her mouth.  She has 3 teeth now with one coming in and it is hard to keep things out of her mouth.  She primarily takes bottles but seems to love any food you give her.  She love to eat and eats all the time.  She has many stomachs I guess.

She is so special to us our little girl.  We have waited so long for her.  She is often under foot wanting to be picked help.  She wants to be WALKED around and held constantly.  More than any of the boys ever did.  She needs contact almost all the time.  She sleeps with me every night.  She will turn and toss in the night to find me and then settle back down.  I will probably regret this soon but for now there is nothing better than being with my baby.  I love to kiss her, rub noses, blow on her belly, make her laugh and be with her.  She is the biggest blessing and the best baby.

She thinks the world of her brothers.  She crawls on them and to them.  They make her laugh.  And she has the happiest baby laugh.  She like music.  She plays with her musical toys the most.  But her favorite toy is still her family.



Baby number 5
Is due at the end of July.  I am 10 weeks pregnant.  We do not know whether this baby is a boy or girl and I am going to try to not find out till the end.  With the other children we found out early but having both I think I would like to keep this one a surprise.  I don't know if I will be able to.  I have no name picked out either way.  I have been a bit nauseas and very sore.  But I am very excited even if it does not feel quite real yet.




The Coderlambian said...

Nice to come across your blog. You have a lovely family. Hope you have a great New Year!

michelle said...

Loved reading all about your sweet, sweet little ones! And I'd been wondering what Smiley's real name was. :)

everyday products and more said...

adorable pictures i am your newest follower cant wait to read your posts

Kiasa said...

CONGRATS on baby #5!!! You are amazing! I hope to have 5 some day, but I'm exhausted with 3. You are my inspiration!

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