Sunday, March 11, 2012

3 new bottles

Yes not 1...
           not 2....
                 but 3!!!


Three brand new bottles I had just bought today.  Three brand new bottles I had put up high just not high enough.  Three bottles my troublesome twosome dumped out all over the floor and rug.


Luckily they had cuteness on there side and mama had magic eraser under the sink. I love that sponge works on everything. Well that and a bunch of baby wipes took care of this.


ugh...  why...  I wanted these!  


She was so interested in it to begin with.  If she would have waited I was going to paint her little toes and fingers while she slept.  But she or Smiley painted herself.  There is so much in her hair.  Top, front and back, in all 3 colors.  I wonder how many baths till it is out.

Well on the bright side... at least I got my toes done because it is flip flop weather!

1 comment:

rebecca said...

oh my goodness! hope you were able to get it out of your rug. they were cute colours. ;}

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