Saturday, March 10, 2012

Evan's birthday and more

Another busy week wrapping up.  I am exhausted.  If we go back to the beginning it was Evan's birthday and fishing party.  yeah!!  But it did not turn out exactly like I thought it would.  We actually left earlier than I thought we would which is unusual and awesome only to have to turn around and leave later than I thought we would.  Faithy was sick.  She was not the fever, ill looking sick, but the projectile vomiting soaking anything in her 5 foot path type of sick.  She threw up so much in the car we had to turn around clean her, change her, change all her coats car seats and blankets, clean the car and put in new air freshers.  Yuck.  But we eventually made it on the road again.  Only to have her throw up once or twice more in the car.

We get to West Virginia and it was snowing.  Not sticking to the ground but cold windy flurrying in the air.  Colder than most of us wanted to spend the day out in.  So we had to skip fishing and the kids just played.  We still opened presents and cake of course, sister sick or not it was still my little mans 7th birthday.


He loved his cake.  He thought the fisherman in the boat was him.  That we had gave them his picture and they made a little fisherman model after him.  Why not let him think that?


He was so eager to open and play with his presents that is the only way we got out of fishing without a big fit.  He got beyblades from his grandparents and they all wanted to play them.


Notice that sick little girl trying to stand in the background?  She is getting big.  That is her 4th outfit of the day. She acted fine when she was not throwing up.  She has been making this face at us a lot latley, often with a growl or laugh.


She thought the beyblades were fun.


She would continually catch them.  They were to tempting to let spin.


And as soon as she had them in to the mouth they went.  Which I am sure is how she got sick in the first place.  Sticking something into her mouth that was gross.  Or maybe it was when she was trying to eat the movie theater seat in front of us the night before.  Yuck.  I don't want to even think about it.


I guess it does not matter when you have a pepa there to hold you and make it better.  She never through up on him.  Or he would not be holding her.


We still had a good time.  Most importantly Evan enjoyed his birthday.

The rest of the week went crazy too.  Lots of deadlines some hit some missed, some just late.  Sports beginning and ending.  We frantically started baseball.  Through a missed email I found out the boys had their baseball tryout in just hours!  That changed an all ready fully planned night but for the better.  It ended with a trip to get ice cream.  Basketball ended.  But not with out a ball threw one one the churches stained glass windows this morning.  Luckily not by my kids.

I dropped my oldest off for his first sleep over at a friends and boy do I miss him.


Gregory.  I just like the picture.

Houses are just not the same with out all your kids home.  It feels weird.

We ran out of propane.  I could not get the fireplace to start and was cold.  Only to find out later that day that the our 100 gallon tank was completely empty.  Luckily they were able to come out that day and fill it back up but not in under three hours time spent at our house.  They had to pump, prime and recheck all the lines.  All with a penalty/service fee and a whopping price tag of over $6 a gallon!  A little yelling deal working later we got it down to a bit over $4 a gallon still ouch a big bite for an unexpected cost.

The good news sunny and upper 60's - 70's for the next 10 day maybe more.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my... 1st sleepover?? For him it's soo awesome but for us mom's...... so bitter sweet!

Hope it went well and no midnight phone calls to come and get him! ;)

Have a great weekend.

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