Sunday, March 18, 2012

We are going to plant again?

Ahh.  Do we I want to plant a garden this year?  I have more going on than I thought I would for now and summer.  Do I want to do this.  No not really.  The time is just not there and I am going to be in my last trimester pregnant in the summer.  I can't see me caring at that point.  Plus it seems like it is cheaper to buy produce at the market than grow it anyways.  So why did I start some with my boys?

Because I was at my wits end.  I wanted them to help clean up the back yard and I while I was in the shed I saw all the stuff we needed (which will save money because it is all ready there).  With out thinking I said if you pick up we can plant seeds.  So they did a fair job and wanted to get planting.

We got the starter trays out and grabbed leftover seed packets of cilantro, oregano, lettuce, beans, and jalapenos.  Both big boys helped me put the seeds in rows and control the baby who were taking the seeds out of the rows.


But there were just to many hands.  Evan grabbed the camera and took pictures to help.


A lot of help.  We also have many pictures of feet, I will spare you.

Now I know this does not sound much like a garden.  Lets go back to the top where I said I am not really up for a big garden.  I have done it years before and I am not doing it this year.  I say now.

I have also done a large planter thing before and these type of seed are perfect for it.  Plus it is easier to care for.

I am looking forward to have it going again and the nice weather was great for sitting out starting the seeds in.


A small thing all I have to do is water, I can manage, I can enjoy.


michelle said...

I soooo want to start a garden! But then I remember that I've got an infant and a three-year-old...and no idea how to actually START a garden. :) Maybe someday. Or maybe I'll just do a planter. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the thought of a garden.... until I remember the work that is required. UGH... but then I think I remember all the yummy BLT sammies that I could have with a nice fresh tomtato!!! :)

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