Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Resurrection Garden

Another great Easter craft is the resurrection garden.

I knew it would be another thing my kids would love to do and watch grow.  Plus pretty inexpensive you probably have everything you need.


I bought the saucer and terra cotta pot.  Because that is what I saw in every other project.  I am not sure if you can use a plastic one.  Maybe but I stayed with what I saw just in case it was terra cotta to help with the water part.  Also I bought the smallest pot walmart had and it was to big.  Luckily I had a smaller terra cotta one in my shed

I went out and gathered a few twigs and used a hot glue gun to make the crosses.


I made extra because I thought they would break.

Then we went outside to make it.

Lay the pot on the saucer to be the tomb.  This is before I switched to the smaller pot.  Remember the dirt has to go on the sides and over the pot.  With this size it would have not been possible or it would have looked like a pyramid.  Fill the dirt on 1 side of the saucer.


Have your oldest watch the 1 year old so she stops making it a hundred times harder.


I found the only way to make the dirt stay and go over the pot was to turn it into mud.

Move 1 year old way back because she loves and did find the mud.



Take the grass seed and generously press in into the mound of mud.  Wet it with a spray bottle afterwards to help it ad-hear.


Place the crosses how you would like add a few stones in front and wait.  In ten days you should have a grassy hill.

It was a fun easy project.  I just hope the birds don't eat the seed.

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michelle said...

Such a wonderful idea and great project for the kids!

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