Monday, March 5, 2012

Dad's Birthday

This year is Jay's 45th birthday.  We are not doing anything big for it.  Jay is just not a party or birthday sort of guy.  He likes to be called, texted, remembered but seems to be enjoy his birthday.  It is a pretty busy day for all of us anyways, school, work, bookmobile, swimming, life.  But we don't want him to be forgotten.  The kids will probably sing him happy birthday a few times with the cha-cha-cha's.  I will remind him how old he is more than once.  And we will most likely do a nice dinner next week.  But for tomorrow the kids and I made him a SWEET surprise.


It was fun.  The enjoyed it so much and are looking forward to giving it to him.  It is more special for them that they made it too.  And I can be certain he will be even happier to help him eat it.

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