Monday, June 18, 2012

The Boys Are Home Again

Our big kids came home!!!  Yes camp is over and I got the big kids back.


The babies were looking foward to it all day.  Smiley especially.  The first morning when he woke up and they were not there he cried.  He missed his big brothers so much.


They had a great time.  I all ready knew this though because I kinda spied on them throughout the week.  I was able to send them emails everyday and view pictures and video of their day from home.  Often the email would contain sentences about what I saw proving that mom has eyes everywhere.

When I got there they were in a chapel service so me and the babies tried to quietly hide in the back.  But who was I kidding of course it did not work.  In my overflowing emotions when I saw the boys upfront I started crying.  Oh I missed them so much.  When everyone bowed their head for prayer and the director said something about faith in the prayer Smiley started screaming they said Faith!  They are praying for Faithie!


After the service they were free to go. I wrapped my arms around my little guys and all was better.  We soon had the car loaded and headed home.



It was not long before they started arguing with Smiley.  I mean by the end of the long drivway not long.  Ugh welcome back to reality mom.  I think I even remember hearing myself say I will turn this car around and take you back.  Whoa what a threat to them.

But it did not last long.  Quickly the arguing stopped, maybe it is just there way of saying hello to each other (but then they must say hello to each other an awful lot) and they started telling me stories of their week.

There excitement was contagious, they did have an amazing time.  More stories have still flowed out in the last couple of days.  But with the wonderful time they did agree it is better to be coming home!  Awe.  They are happiest, we all are happiest, when we are all together.

Then we celebrated with cake AND cupcakes.


A picture I found in Gregory's bag.  I know it is hard to see but it is a cowboy with the hat and star saying howdee y'all.  From the one who told me to roll the windows up when we drove in at drop off to all the cow folk camp counselors and their western greetings.

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michelle said...

I love how Smiley screamed out about 'em praying for Faithie! So sweet and hilarious. :)
Sounds like your boys had a marvelous time!!

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