Sunday, June 17, 2012

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Did I get any work done with the big kids gone?  No, not really.  I thought I would get so much school work accomplished  but that did not happen.  It never really does.  Life was busy as always and I still had two toddles to take care of.  I did however manage to make it to the National Museum of Civil War Medicine in Frederick, Maryland.  That was fun with two tired babies.


I did iron that shirt before I started the day and wow.

Oh what a trip.  The tired babies cried the way down.  Faith cried and screamed the entire time there and then cried the way back until she finally put herself to sleep.

Smiley went in and asked promptly where are the swords?  They told him there were no swords.  None in a civil war museum?  But still he kept looking loudly all through the place.  If you don't understand looking loudly, you just don't get Smiley and probably do not have a two year old boy.  Then he would go and tell the reception people, nope no swoards up there.  He then would keep looking further.  He found a drum.


There was no flash photography promitted, so I tried to brighten it up however it is still a tad dark.

Lordy Mercy my Faith.  I have no pictures of her there because in no case was a screaming baby like her enjoyable or cute.  I know she could not help it she was tired and so badly wanted to sleep, if only she would have let herself.  She was reclined in her stroller, gave bottles and binkies, which she proceeded to continually throw.  We even left a few of the at the museum unable to find her wild binky pitches.  She wore our last nerves and we hurried to leave.


As I was there jotting down notes for the paper I need to write, that I thought I would have finished by now, my husband came up with a brilliant time saving idea to help me and get us out of there.  He went to every display and snapped pictures of all the plaques and information.  As long as I could upload it from my camera I would have it to take our own "virtual" tour when I got home.  So we rushed around making good use of the $7.50 a piece entrance fee, $7 for me because I am a student, he snapping pictures and me dealing with the kids.  In all it took an hour to photograph everything and try to take in what we could.  It was a stressful hour.  But in the end I got the information needed and YES Smiley found a sword.  1 sword, there was just one sword in the whole place and he found it.  He was so happy.  He ran out quickly to correct the reception people and told them all about it.  He was darling.

What a trip. Now to write the paper and not about getting the info for the paper unless you want to hear about the spontaneous game of hide and seek at the library that broke out between all 4 of them when we went to get books for the paper.  You can only imagine...

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michelle said...

Sorry about your stressful museum tour, but I'm glad Smiley finally found a sword!
And how in the heck do you find time to iron on top of everything else?!! I haven't ironed in 3.5 years now. :)

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