Monday, June 11, 2012

Smiley turns 3

Recovery, that is the mood we are in.  This weekend was Smileys 3rd birthday.  This weekend was also the hottest of the summer yet.  We had a 2 parties for the big 3 year old.  One at home and one at a local amusement park.  Today I am wishing I had a pool to lay in all day and helpers to be mom so I could just float there.


It has been very hard to have my little boy turn three.  I know I have watched two other boys turn 3 and I still have two little girls I will watch turn tree but this is my Smiley, getting bigger.  He is just to cute, he is my baby boy.  Two seems like a baby.  Three seems like he is moving out of baby, out of toddler, he is little a little boy.


You are truly the most wonderful kid.  You have a smile that goes from ear to ear and heart to heart.  You LOVE your family.  You are so excited to see your sister every morning screaming her name and smothering her with hugs and kisses.  You are constantly looking out for her, bring her toy, bottles, binkies, and blankets.  You love to cuddle up with her and especially take baths with her.  You want to be just like your big brothers.  You follow them around everywhere not knowing there is any difference in age and ability.  We call you oldest brother yaya because of you.  He loves you so much.  You look just like them.  You go around telling all of us how much you love us and we all love you back.

You like Dora the explore, Mickey Mouse, Jake and the never-land pirates and Mike the knight.  Not to forget poppy cat.  Your favorite thing to do is sword fight.  But you have hit everyone of us and we don't appreciate it.  Grandma Ginny got you a sword for your birthday.


It is 4 and a half feet long and you love it.  Your giving heart plays with one part of it and wants Gregory to play with the other part.

You sing songs all the time.  You have a favorite blanket you sleep with and carry around.  If you are not playing with your family your favorite thing is your baby friends.  They make you so happy.

You like Thomas the Tank Engine and we got you a new set.


Mema and Pepa, who you love to call on the phone, gave you a view finder that you think is just to funny.


You make sure you show us all the hilarious pictures.


You wanted an ice cream cake for your birthday.  Actually you wanted everything.


But you joyfully picked out this ice cream cake which we added a few Mickey Mouse touches too.  Most of all you wanted us to sing happy birthday to you.  You kept asking us to "sing Happy Birthday to Brendan" so did a few times.  Mostly you love the cha cha cha part.


I don't know what you wished for or if you even know to wish yet but I hope it comes true.


I hope it was to go to Dutch Wonderland because that is where we went.  Oh my have you been excited to go.  You have not stopped telling everyone you are going to Dutch Wonderland for your birthday.  You must tell us 30 times an hour.


Happy birthday baby boy!  I love you!!

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michelle said...

What a wonderful post and a smiley Brendan. :) Three was hard for me too. And two. And, okay, I cried when my girl turned one. :) It all goes so darn fast. Sigh.

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