Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I don't consider mine a big family but there certainly are times I realize it is larger than most (outside my area).  One way is the fact that we shop at super stores like Sam's Club, Costco not because we are trying to save money by buying in bulk but because we need the larger quantity.  The reality is I am often just trying to save myself another grocery story trip that week.

Spoons.  For most people they buy spoons very seldom.  And when they do they proubably pick out a nice pattern in a set that comes with forks and knives.  Not me.  I buys dishes, silverware, and disposable paper products buy the restaurant quantity.  Now it not a weekly purchase, thankfully.  But to my kids there is no difference between these:


My kids takes utensils need food to school everyday.  At first I wondered what was happening to all my spoons.  Then I realized the kids are throwing them away with the garbage from their lunch.  So I switched to plastic.  It is cheap and they can throw it all away.  Problem solved.

But it is summer and I was down to just 2 regular spoons?  I don't understand.  So it was off to the store to replenish our spoon collection.  I wonder how long this will last?

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michelle said...

I have a friend with three kids, and they always, always eat on paper plates with plastic spoons/forks! It's tempting, I gotta say. :)

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